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A Life Well Lived Podcast

Constance Knox

Journalist Constance Knox (27) unearths extraordinary stories which transcend age with six riveting interviews with Third Agers (all the interviewees are over 70). The first series is made up of five episodes and features: A couple who both served time on Death Row following wrongful convictions (Sunny Jacobs and Peter Pringle), a 1952 Olympic medal winner, a survivor of the Nazi regime, the news anchor for radio Caroline in the 60’s which inspired the film “The Boat That Rocked”, and finally a cross generational discussion with two U3A members. Curated by Constance and produced by fellow millennial, Mariana De Forges, with the support of leading charity, U3A, and the leading sponsor Cox and Kings, A Life Well Lived Podcast brings remarkable stories to an audience both young and old.

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