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The Business Equation Podcast

Nick Bogacz

The Business Equation is a weekly podcast that features successful professionals from all over the world, hosted by Nick Bogacz - self-made small business success story. Nick drills deep into each guest’s passions, paths, and skill sets - with each conversation being predicated on the power of positive mindset.The state of mind we bring to work with us every day 100% determines whether we make it to the peak of the mountaintop or fall short of everything we want to accomplish. This time-tested philosophy has woven itself into the tapestry of every successful person on the planet and has set the tone for the vision and direction of this podcast.With every episode, Nick sets out to do one thing: give back. Each conversation embodies the power of mindset and portrays it in a way that resonates with anyone willing to receive, absorb, and put the message to work in their everyday practices.
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