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DOLEO - Fiction Podcast

Jared L. Cantin and Joshua Cantin

A fiction podcast, presented in serial format, a chapter at a time. Written by Jared L. Cantin, and narrated by Joshua Cantin, DOLEO tells the story of a fledgling vigilante struggling to adjust to life on an ambiguous side of the law. Synopisis: What if your disability was the key to unlocking real change for the most vulnerable among us? Doleo is the origin story of one man’s unwitting descent into vigilantism. Born with a rare genetic disorder, Ryder Daniels slowly discovers the vast potential hidden within his brutal disease. Only by embracing what makes him different, can the man without pain overcome the crime and injustice plaguing his city. Penetrating dangerous criminal underworlds, Ryder will stop at nothing to right the wrongs he has seen, but at what cost?

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