Heart to Heart with Anna

Long Q-T Syndrome, Genetics, and Pregnancy

June 29, 2021 Jackie Renfrow Season 16 Episode 310
Heart to Heart with Anna
Long Q-T Syndrome, Genetics, and Pregnancy
Show Notes

How can a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother -- determine how to help families like her own? Why would a woman make it her mission to help others with an invisible illness? What can we learn from such a woman?

Jackie Renfrow thought her family had a history of epilepsy. After losing her son Jimmy in 2000 and her daughter Crissy in 2002, she was desperate to find a way to save her two baby granddaughters. It wasn't until her own mother started fainting and having irregular heartbeats that she finally got answers. Emergency doctors performed an electrocardiogram (ECG) and promptly diagnosed her with Long Q-T syndrome. Jackie and her granddaughters Alexis and Jessica also had an ECG and they were diagnosed with the syndrome as well. Jackie has since started a chapter of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association in Indianapolis. She works with scientists, doctors, parents, and others to promote awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and access to defibrillation and treatment. In honor of her children and grandchildren, she works to spread awareness of Long Q-T syndrome in order to help other families prevent the loss of their loved ones.  

In this episode, Jackie talks with Anna about what she has learned in living with Long Q-T Syndrome and seeing it affect generations of her family.

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