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The Art of the Heart

August 10, 2021 Susan Russell Hall Season 16 Episode 315
Heart to Heart with Anna
The Art of the Heart
Show Notes

Why would an artist choose a career working in the operating room of a pediatric hospital? What joy is to be had of drawing broken hearts and the operations surgeons use to save these critically ill babies’ lives? In what other ways does artist Susan Russell Hall find joy in art?

Susan Russell Hall is a Northwest artist and medical illustrator who comes from a long line of artisans. Her first solo exhibition was in 1977 at the Women’s Cultural Center at the University of Washington. In 1979, she commenced working as a medical illustrator at Seattle Children's Hospital, moving to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in 1998. Her work involves documenting pediatric heart surgeries from the operating room. Over the years, she has created more than 6500 individual heart drawings. These intricate works of art are created by using charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil. As a professional artist, Susan has explored other mediums, such as acrylic and oil painting and eventually pyrographs, the actual art of painting with fire. Susan joined us earlier this year in the episode entitled, “A Surprise for Heart Warrior Amy M. Le! “

In this episode of “Heart to Heart with Anna,” Susan shares with Anna what it meant to be a medical illustrator, exactly how a medical illustrator learns and practices her craft as well as the other artistic pursuits that she enjoys. 

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