Heart to Heart with Anna

Heart Warrior Psychologist and Author

September 14, 2021 Joy Ogawa Season 16 Episode 318
Heart to Heart with Anna
Heart Warrior Psychologist and Author
Show Notes

What was it like to grow up with tetralogy of Fallot in the 1980s? How can having a heart defect influence your career choice as an adult? What psychological challenges do Heart Warriors face?

Joy Ogawa was born in Hawaii with tetralogy of Fallot in 1979  and had an open-heart surgery at 22 months of age. She considers herself lucky to have only experienced one surgery in her lifetime.

Despite other health issues affecting her eyes, ears, abdomen, and her emotional wellbeing, Joy was able to participate in physical activities and complete her education and is now a psychologist working in Corrections/Public Safety. 

Joy highlights her experience of living with CHD in her newly released self-published, illustrated children’s book “I am a Heart Warrior.”

In this episode of “Heart to Heart with Anna,” Joy shares with Anna some of the medical challenges she has faced over her 40+ years of living with a congenital heart defect and why she considers herself to be as fortunate as she is.

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