Heart to Heart with Anna

Libby Andrew: Heart Mom and Author

October 05, 2021 Libby Andrews Season 16 Episode 319
Heart to Heart with Anna
Libby Andrew: Heart Mom and Author
Show Notes

What lessons can we learn from our Heart Warriors? Why might a Heart Mom write a book about her life experiences dealing with CHD? How does a Heart Mom use her personal experiences to fight for others in the hospital?

Australian Libby Andrew is a busy mom to four sons: John, 14, Matthew, 12, Stuart, 10, and Daniel, 7. Her youngest son Daniel was born with half a heart. Diagnosed in utero at 20 weeks, Daniel was not expected to survive. He had his first surgery at 21 days old, his second surgery, a Glenn shunt, at 5 months, and a Fontan at 3.5 years of age. 

Unable to find the resources she needed to guide her on her journey, Libby wrote a book “Living with HALF A HEART: A Mother's Guide to Navigating Fontan Surgery.”   

Since his surgeries, Daniel has been thriving - he enjoys being with his older brothers and attends school. 

Libby's show on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Living-HALF-HEART-Mothers-Navigating/dp/1925884910/ref

Libby's book in The Heart Community Collection: https://heartcollection.wixsite.com/bookstore/chd-education-wellness

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