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Speaking of Influence

Johnny Ball and guests

The number one leadership skill in this communication age is public speaking, but then, it has been so since the age of Aristotle and Cicero. Often classified as a 'soft skill', in practice an essential meta-skill in your professional tool belt. Being able to present well remains one of the best ways to become a key person of influence to this day. Persuasive public speaking is the top skill for influence and persuasion in the worlds of politics and business. According to LinkedIn, persuasion was the most important skill to learn in 2019. Presentation skills and public speaking sit at the perfect axis between education and entertainment, meaning that those who possess these skills will always be in demand. In the show, I get to speak with professional speakers, business owners and experts who use speaking as a part of their branding and marketing. You’ll hear from psychologists, marketers, agents, actors, comedians and many more as we discuss all things relevant to presentation and influence skills, even the dark side of persuasion tools. Make sure you subscribe to never miss an episode.

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