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Transcending Explorations With Lachlan Dunn

Lachlan Dunn

Transcending Explorations is a show for people who are deeply curious about life and how to become their most magnificent selves. Join Lachlan Dunn as he suits up to adventure into the widths and depths of life and self transformation with all intention to Enjoy, Experience, Explore and Evolve along the journey. Lachlans goal with the podcast is to create a space to go on real and deep explorations into a wide variety of topics like the multi-dimensionality of life, The human experience, Psychology, Holistic Health, Biomimicry, Agriculture, Soul, Mind, Body, Technology Wellness and much more. The dream for the podcast is that through these transcending explorations, liberate inspiration and curiosity from people, to encourage people to have deeper conversations, to provide listeners with valuable breakthrough and belief challenging information, all in all helping people develop their absolute most magnificent selves. Lachlan also understands that by transforming ourselves ,we can tune or harmonise our collective consciousness and create heaven on earth, a place of growth, love, harmony, neutrality, revitalization, peace and connection.

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