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The Emotional Curriculum

Dr Sarah Taylor-Whiteway

Exploring new research which promotes the emotional well-being of children and young people in schools. Dr Sarah Taylor-Whiteway talks to academics about their research and how it can be used and applied in schools.
S05 E10 - The Power of Dialogue in Classroom PracticeJune 26, 2022 Episode artwork S05 E09 - How ASD students make sense of themselves and feeling 'different'May 29, 2022 Episode artwork S05 E08 - Unorthodocs: A Different Approach to WellbeingApril 17, 2022 Episode artwork S05 E07 - Emotions as an Alternative to Diagnosis in AdolescentsMarch 13, 2022 Episode artwork S05 E06 - Ability Grouping - Shaping lives and impacting wellbeing?February 13, 2022 Episode artwork S05 E05 - Why students with ADHD and ASD are at High Risk for School Refusal and BullyingJanuary 09, 2022 Episode artwork S05 E04 - Supporting Regulation in Schools with Special YogaDecember 12, 2021 Episode artwork S05 E03 - The Experiences of Body Dysmorphic Disorder in AdolescentsNovember 07, 2021 Episode artwork S05 E02 - Shyness and Social Withdrawal in Children and Young PeopleOctober 17, 2021 Episode artwork S05 E01 - Positive Psychology in SchoolsSeptember 12, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E08 - Story Makers: Creative Spaces for WellbeingJuly 04, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E07 - Understanding the Links Between Social Cognition Skills and Social AnxietyJune 13, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E06 - Creating Literacy Environments to Build Readers, Writers and ThinkersMay 16, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E05 - Exploring Resilience and Protective Factors for Young CarersMay 02, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E04 - Martial Arts and Executive Functioning in Children with AutismApril 11, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E03 - Managing the Impact of Cyber BullyingMarch 28, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E02 - Understanding Emotions and Motivation in ReadingMarch 14, 2021 Episode artwork S04 E01 - The Social Relationships of Children on the Autistic SpectrumFebruary 21, 2021 Episode artwork S03 E07 - Children Heard: The views of children and young people during coronavirusDecember 14, 2020 Episode artwork S03 E06 - School exclusions in England: Why does is happen and what can be done?November 29, 2020 Episode artwork S03 E05 - The Experiences of Parents and Carers of Children with DisabilitiesNovember 08, 2020 Episode artwork S03 E04 - Summer Holidays and Mental HealthOctober 18, 2020 Episode artwork S03 E03 -Teaching Sexual Consent in SchoolsOctober 11, 2020 Episode artwork S03 E02 - The Connect Curriculum (Part 2)September 20, 2020 Episode artwork S03 E02 - The Connect CurriculumSeptember 13, 2020 Episode artwork