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Mindset Unfiltered by Alexandra Legouix

Mindset Unfiltered by Alex Legouix

Sports TV presenter, yoga teacher and meditation & mindfulness coach, Alexandra Legouix, sits down with elite athletes, world champions and celebrities and brings us a series of very raw, open, humbling and inspiring interviews on mindset, mental health, fitness, human recovery and human growth www.alexandralegouix.com

Recent Episodes

S5 E2 Jamie Milton: Alex talks to Jamie about life love and work as a trans womanSeptember 28, 2020 Episode artwork S5 E1 John Adams: an inspirational chat about how he deals with life despite being paralysed from the chest downAugust 27, 2020 Episode artwork S4 Ep4 Glenn Haughton OBE : SEAC- on what he has learnt from his amazing life in the army; mental health; mindfulness; and thriving in lockdownMay 03, 2020 Episode artwork S4 Ep3 Alessandro Carmelita - Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy: helping elite athletes succeed PLUS dealing with Trauma, Body Dysmorphia & Mental Health issues April 26, 2020 Episode artwork S4 Ep2 Kevin Waite is back: Coping with Bipolar Disorder & other Mental Health issues during lockdown April 19, 2020 Episode artwork S4 E1 James Elliott: Military Resilience Coach - how to ensure a more successful outcome for us, our mental health and our future.April 12, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP13 Ben Bowers: how 'No Balls Ben' survived Testicular Cancer... twiceApril 05, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP11 Jackie Travers - on Big Brother, Madonna & life as a dancerMarch 25, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP10 Kevin Waite: Living with Type 2 Bipolar Disorder, Imposter Syndrome & dealing with suicidal thoughtsMarch 18, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP9 - Ben Bidwell: The Naked Professor: how to be vulnerable, brave & confident to be 'you'March 15, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP8 - Michael Maisey - former prolific armed robber, drug addict & alcoholic on how he turned his life aroundMarch 11, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP7- Glen John Jones: author of 'Think and Grow Vegan' on the benefits of a plant based dietMarch 04, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP6 - TalkOut - Mental Health in the workplace: it's okay not to be okayMarch 01, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP5 - Alex Flynn: diagnosed with Parkinson's at 36 yet one of the most inspirational humansFebruary 25, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP4 - Scott McKenna: BRDC Rising Star & Ginetta GT5 Champion talks about focus & overcoming hurdlesFebruary 19, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP3 - Diane Youdale: ITV's Gladiator Queen "Jet" on Mental Health, Fitness & MindsetFebruary 12, 2020 Episode artwork S3 Ep2 - Terry Grant: 23 x World Record holder & James Bond StuntmanFebruary 05, 2020 Episode artwork S3 EP1 - Rebecca Jackson: Racing driver, TV Presenter, Journalist, Business Woman and Mum on Positivity, Mental Health & AchievementJanuary 30, 2020 Episode artwork S2 EP7: Gus Greensmith - WRC driver for M-Sport Ford World Rally Team: self belief & a winning mindsetJanuary 22, 2020 Episode artwork S2 EP6 - Part 3: Steve Clark - Stage 4 Bowel Cancer survivor - Prognosis, Stats, Hair Loss, the Future & the Bucket List January 15, 2020 Episode artwork S2 EP5 - Part 2: Steve Clark - Welcoming Chemotherapy as your friendJanuary 14, 2020 Episode artwork S2 EP4 - Part 1: Steve Clark - Stage 4 Bowel Cancer survivor and superhero: Diagnosis, dealing with the fear & positive mindset January 13, 2020 Episode artwork S2 Ep3 - Yann Ehrlacher - upcoming racing star: staying focused January 05, 2020 Episode artwork S2 Ep2: Emiliano Ventura - Sports Physiologist, Nutritionist and Human Mind expertDecember 19, 2019 Episode artwork S2 Ep1: Peter Winterbottom - one of the greatest opensides of all time: on his career & staying on top of your gameDecember 12, 2019 Episode artwork