"I'm Glad You Said That" - Jim Minnery Talks Faith & Politics

Child Abuse for Not "MisGendering" Your Kid ?

January 31, 2023 Jim Minnery - Family Matters
"I'm Glad You Said That" - Jim Minnery Talks Faith & Politics
Child Abuse for Not "MisGendering" Your Kid ?
Show Notes

Parental rights are under attack across the country.

In Indiana, my friend and colleague Ryan McCann with the Indiana Family Institute, is at the tip of the spear in what is turning into an almost unbelievable violation of the State into the inherent right of a parent to, well, parent, their children.

Ryan is introducing legislation that strengthens parental rights by stating in clear language that parental rights are fundamental and that refusing to affirm your child as anything other than their biological sex is not a reason for the state to remove your child from your care.

As you can see for yourself in this video, this is actually happening and there is no reason it isn't or won't happen as well right here in Alaska.

If courts and the bureaucracy in Indiana are interpreting laws in a way that ignores parental rights regarding kids struggling with gender dysphoria, there is no doubt in my mind it can happen here. And that's why Alaska Family Action is looking at introducing similar legislation that will add clear and concise language that cannot be misinterpreted or ignored.

The Cox family, the plaintiffs in this case, have lost so much in this struggle against government overreach, but their sacrifice has highlighted a danger that all parents in Indiana and across the country need to be aware of.  

I'm honored to have Ryan on the show today and hope you can tune in. 

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