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The Quantum SHIFT Podcast

Shawna Pelton

Why settle for a half lived life when EXCELLENCE is an option? --- Prepare yourself for a quantum SHIFT --- because we’re about to interrupt the old programming that’s kept you back from fulfilling your highest potential in life. >> Access my " ENVISIONEERING Process" for FREE at << Have you ever felt a quantum SHIFT in any area of your life? If so, you’ll know that you feel it as a physiological change in your body as well as experience a difference in relationship with other people and circumstances that may have once been your biggest challenges. Could this have been the result of science, luck, a miracle, or a natural occurrence of time? Did it come about by way of effort or from relaxing into it? In this podcast, you'll discover what people say about their experiences with this phenomenon and learn how you can apply some tools, teachings and principles in your life to create a positive change. My name is Shawna Pelton and I empower high vibe seekers of true transformation to confidently shine their brilliance out into a world that’s ready for liberation, and I dedicate this podcast to the powerful Self within each of us that’s just waiting to be activated and actualized. ----- >> Let's stay connected << email - [email protected] | IG - @Nli8tnd1 | | private group - -----song credit "Hidden Mission" from Living Light ----- photo credit @NicoleO'NeilPhotography

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