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Saving State and Federal Budgets from Abusive Covid19 Unit Charges (CUC) Summary

May 04, 2020 A J Wildman
CS2 News Podcast
Saving State and Federal Budgets from Abusive Covid19 Unit Charges (CUC) Summary
Show Notes

The following are the first several paragraphs of a letter to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on the serious issue of Medical Supply over-charging.  It also presents my practical and immediate solution to the problem.  See the full letter on the Platform website, presented at the top of the Home Page. www.commonsense2nd.com 

My patriotic and professional intent herein is to publicly declare a severe problem with the Pricing of Covid19 Coronavirus related “Medical Supplies and/or Services (MSS)”.  The Pricing markup term used herein for MSS items is “Covid19 Unit Charges (CUC)” will be explained.  

Implementation of the prudent and practical Solution to this Pricing problem will not cost the State or Federal government a nickel.  However, it will bring millions of dollars immediately back into their respective Treasury.  And best of all, the vast majority of Americans will support, if not demand this fair and corrective action be taken! 

I have addressed the letter to you two gentlemen in particular because you are the leaders of the National Governors Association (NGA).  This national Crisis has fallen on the 50 State Governors to provide leadership for their states and for the nation. And both of you are leading by professional example and the People is appreciative. I know that I am.  

This very timely budget saving proposal is presented by a concerned resident of the Great State of Maryland that was born in Washington, DC.  It has been reviewed with numerous citizens in recent weeks and is seen as a desirable proposal that will help terribly stretched State and Federal budgets in 2020 and 2021.  

Take care and please pass this on,  A J

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