A Very Suspect Podcast

Hey Sport! Part 1 of our look at Harvey Keitel !

September 26, 2020 Luis and Glenn Season 1 Episode 26
A Very Suspect Podcast
Hey Sport! Part 1 of our look at Harvey Keitel !
Show Notes

  Harvey Keitel has been one of the most interesting, vibrant actors of his generation.  Fearless in his choices of roles, few actors have appeared in both mainstream fare like 'Sister Act' while also exploring the extremes of his craft by inhabiting such flawed characters as the 'Bad Lieutenant'.  Part one of our chat will explore Keitel's early 1970's work with his work with directors like Martin Scorcese, Paul Schrader and Ridley Scott.

Join Luis and Glenn on part one of their informal plunge into the career of one of their fave American actors.
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Cool audio clips abound including:

Pulp Fiction 'The Wolf' excerpt

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Keitel rampage Excerpt

Mean Streets Keitel & DeNiro Excerpt

Taxi Driver 'The Wizard' Excerpt

The Duellists Trailer

Mother, Jugs and Speed Trailer

Taxi Driver Excerpt 'Suck on this"

Opening introduction and closing announcement is by GC

Opening and closing music by Trigger Warning.  

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Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/SuspectVideo)