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Paul Williams Part One: We've Only Just Begun

October 21, 2020 Luis and Glenn
A Very Suspect Podcast
Paul Williams Part One: We've Only Just Begun
Show Notes

 Paul Williams is a renaissance man.  Most here may know him primarily as the amazing SWAN from The Phantom Of The Paradise but he's so much more. He's left his indelible mark in the world of music, film and television and was everywhere when we were kids.  His small stature certainly contained a huge talent.

  Join Luis and Glenn on part one of our look at the work of the man - with an emphasis on the musical and television branches  of Paul William's career 

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Cool audio clips abound including:

Phantom of the Paradise excerpt

"The Loved Ones" Trailer excerpt
Indiana National Bank Radio Commercial "We've Only Just Begun"
Paul Williams "Evergreen" excerpt
Paul Williams & Roger Nichols "Someday Man"
Brady Bunch Variety Hour excerpt
Paul Williams "Hell Of It" excerpt from Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Meet Dracula
Jack Jones "Love Boat" Theme  excerpt
Charro "Love Boat" Theme excerpt
"Ghastly Love of Johnny X" excerpt
The Holy Mackerel "Wildflowers" excerpt

Opening introduction and closing announcement is by GC

Opening and closing music by Trigger Warning.  

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Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/SuspectVideo)