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Last Week in Internal Medicine

Stephen Jenkins, MD, Austin Rupp, MD

Wouldn't it be nice if someone reviewed all the latest internal medicine literature and distilled it into a brief weekly podcast you could listen to on your way to work? Get updates from the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA Network, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of Hospital Medicine, Journal of General Internal Medicine, Lancet and more.
SGLT2 Inhibitors for Acute Heart Failure, SGLT2 Inhibitors vs Metformin, High Dose Dexamethasone for COVID-19 in ICU, Isolated Distal DVT, Monkeypox, Blood Donor Sex and Mortality, Outcomes in Surgeons Who Operate the Night BeforeJuly 22, 2022 Episode artwork Restrictive Fluids in Septic Shock, Short vs Standard Antibiotics in Neutropenic Fever, IV Vitamin C for Septic Shock, Hospitalist Workload and Patient LOS, Fluid Bolus for Intubation, General Internist Practice ChoicesJune 24, 2022 Episode artwork Inpatient Management of Opioid Use Disorder, Hep C Treatment in IVDU, Final SOLIDARITY Results for Remdesivir, TAVI for Moderate Risk Severe AS, Mediterranean Diet vs Low Fat Diet, Steroids for IgA Nephropathy, GLP-1s and Gallbladder DiseaseMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork 2022 AHA/ACC/HFSA Heart Failure Guidelines with Dr. James Fang, Guideline Committee MemberMay 04, 2022 Episode artwork Oral Carbapenem for Complicated UTIs, Awake Proning for COVID-19, 1-2 Months DAPT vs 12 Months DAPT, Low Sodium Diet for Heart Failure, Excess Mortality From COVID-19, IV Iron and Anaphylaxis, Pickle Juice for Cramps in CirrhosisApril 22, 2022 Episode artwork Reliever-Triggered ICS Therapy for Asthma, Methenamine for UTI Prevention, CT vs Invasive Coronary Angiography, Melatonin for Delirium Prevention, Interpretation of Home COVID Tests, Characteristics of Type 2 MI March 21, 2022 Episode artwork Paxlovid for COVID-19, Ivermectin Ineffective for COVID-19, One Year Outcomes for ICU COVID-19 Patients, Diagnostic Strategies for Ruling Out PE, Thiamine for Alcohol Use Disorder, Skin Color and Pulse OximetryFebruary 24, 2022 Episode artwork Balanced Crystalloid vs Normal Saline (PLUS trial), Midline vs PICC, LOLA for Hepatic Encephalopathy, Eat-Walk-Engage Program for Older Inpatients, Post-Discharge Thromboprophylaxis for COVID-19, Mindfulness Training and Burnout January 27, 2022 Episode artwork Ultrasound JVP to Estimate CVP, IV Metoprolol vs Diltiazem for Atrial Fibrillation with RVR, Ischemic Stroke and Bleeding Risk with Apixaban vs Rivaroxaban, Reducing Sleep Interruptions in Hospital, Outpatient Remdesivir, Molnupiravir for COVID-19December 30, 2021 Episode artwork Chlorthalidone in CKD, Factor XI Inhibition for VTE Prevention, Untreated Subsegmental PE and Risk of Recurrent VTE, Rivaroxaban and GI Bleeding, Mental Stress Induced Ischemia, Depression and Residency, Patient Outcomes for Part Time Hospitalists November 24, 2021 Episode artwork Race and Estimated GFR, Bleeding Risk in Oral Anticoagulation after First VTE, HEP-COVID trial, High Dose Dexamethasone for COVID-19October 27, 2021 Episode artwork Empagliflozin for HFpEF, Antibiotic Duration for UTIs in Men, Targeted Temperature after Cardiac Arrest, Normal Saline vs Balanced Solution in ICU Patients, Baricitinib and Therapeutic Anticoagulation for Hospitalized COVID-19 PatientsSeptember 30, 2021 Episode artwork Antibiotic Duration for Prosthetic Joint Infections, Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines, Hospital Observation after ACS Ruled Out in ED, Morning Discharges, Personalized Steroid Regimen for COPD Exacerbation June 02, 2021 Episode artwork Antibiotic Delay Intervals and Hospital Mortality for Patients with Suspected Sepsis, Guidelines for High Flow Nasal Oxygen and Point of Care Ultrasound for Acute Dyspnea, Screening for Atrial Fibrillation in Older PatientsMay 12, 2021 Episode artwork Hospital at Home for Geriatric Patients, RAAS Inhibition and Pulmonary Hypertension, Vaccine Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT)April 28, 2021 Episode artwork Three Days of Antibiotics for Pneumonia, IV Contrast and Kidney Function, DOACs for Valvular Atrial FibrillationApril 07, 2021 Episode artwork Weekly Semaglutide for Weight Loss (STEP 1, 2 and 3 Trials), 4PEPS Rule for Pulmonary Embolism, Nafcillin vs Cefazolin for Epidural Abscess, Ferritin/Procalcitonin Ratio for COVID19, Intermediate Thromboprophylaxis for COVID19 March 23, 2021 Episode artwork Albumin Infusion for Decompensated Cirrhosis (ATTIRE trial), Terlipressin for Type 1 Hepatorenal Syndrome (CONFIRM trial)March 10, 2021 Episode artwork IL-6 Receptor Antagonists Reduce Mortality in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients (REMAP-CAP, RECOVERY), Convalescent Plasma Fails to Improve MortalityMarch 03, 2021 Episode artwork Gender-Based Discrimination and Harassment Among Hospitalists, Educational Resource Utilization in Internal Medicine Residents, Transfusion Thresholds for ACS, DOACs for VTE prevention in CKDFebruary 17, 2021 Episode artwork Early Ablation vs Medications for Atrial Fibrillation (STOP-AF First, EARLY-AF), ACEi and ARBs in COVID-19, IV vs Oral Antibiotics for Appendicitis, Rifaximin after TIPS, Low vs High Oxygen TargetsFebruary 03, 2021 Episode artwork Inhaled Treprostinil for Pulmonary Hypertension due to Interstitial Lung Disease, Omecamtiv Mecarbil for Systolic Heart Failure (HFrEF)January 20, 2021 Episode artwork Prevalence of Pulmonary Embolism in Acute COPD Exacerbation, Tocilizumab for COVID-19 Round 3January 13, 2021 Episode artwork Treatment of Inpatient Hypertension, Testing and Treatment of Primary Aldosteronism in Patients with Resistant Hypertension, Tocilizumab for COVID-19 Round 2January 06, 2021 Episode artwork Thrombosis and COVID-19December 29, 2020 Episode artwork