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NGO Soul + Strategy

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

Welcome to my podcast NGO Soul + Strategy – a podcast for leaders of NGOs and other philanthropic organizations who are not satisfied with the status quo, are ready to look change right in the eye and who see themselves as leader-as-learner.

Recent Episodes

029. Potential and peril when NGOs collaborate with social movements: May Miller-DawkinsOctober 08, 2021 Episode artwork 028. Strategic planning when your CSO faces fundamental uncertainties: Dave Algoso, facilitator & consultantSeptember 25, 2021 Episode artwork 027. People, resistance to new ideas and the power of removing friction: interview with Loran NordgrenSeptember 11, 2021 Episode artwork 026. Right Work and Right Team: how the Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative (BRAC) is aspiring to become a truly diverse, global entity - Rasha Natour July 22, 2021 Episode artwork 025. Gabriela (Oxfam), Julia (ActionAid), and Sofia (CARE): a celebration of Latina women's leadershipJune 05, 2021 Episode artwork 024. Organizational ethics, integrity, power and governance: Alex Cole-Hamilton May 13, 2021 Episode artwork 023. What's a feminist leader to do about social power in organizations: Srilatha BatliwalaApril 30, 2021 Episode artwork 022. How to lead organizational change when you are the first person of color in top leadership: Dorothy Nyambi, CEO of MEDAApril 02, 2021 Episode artwork 021. Positional power games and ‘feminist bureaucrats’ in multilateral organizations: Joanne Sandler's observationsMarch 19, 2021 Episode artwork 020. Feminist leadership and 'deep power structures’ within organizations: Aruna Rao, co-founder of Gender at WorkFebruary 02, 2021 Episode artwork 019. Politics, power and feminist leadership within NGOs - Lisa Veneklasen's take on things January 07, 2021 Episode artwork #018. Power as finite resource or as unlimited good: Paul O’Brien at Oxfam America on influencing NGOsDecember 19, 2020 Episode artwork 017. What's all this talk about feminist leadership? An interview with Abby Maxman, CEO, Oxfam AmericaNovember 19, 2020 Episode artwork 016. ‘Mergers and Acquisitions are in the air’: a discussion with two Plan USA NGO leaders who lived to tell the taleSeptember 13, 2020 Episode artwork 015. Not your usual NGO strategy process: Oxfam's recent experience with strategy formation and whether it is holding up during this massive disruptionAugust 02, 2020 Episode artwork 014. Between Power and Irrelevance: what *is* the future of transnational NGOs? An conversation with my two 'co-conspirators' on the bookJuly 19, 2020 Episode artwork 013. INGO leadership responses during hard times: a joint podcast episode with the International Civil Society CenterJuly 05, 2020 Episode artwork 012. NGO change management tips from a pro. A conversation with Barney TallackJune 20, 2020 Episode artwork 011.NGO campaigns miss how humans process difficult emotions. Listen to Stefan Flothmann of Greenpeace to learn how to fix thisJune 08, 2020 Episode artwork 010. NGO Mergers + Acquisitions: an interview with Rick Santos, a CEO who lived to tell the storyMay 10, 2020 Episode artwork 009. How nonprofits can be more performance-focused, and why diversity, equity and inclusion is part and parcel of such a business plan: an interview with Tammy Dowley-BlackmanApril 25, 2020 Episode artwork 008. Continuous improvement together: the case for Constituent Voice - a conversation with David Bonbright of Keystone Accountability March 21, 2020 Episode artwork 007. Are NGOs subject to the dynamic of ‘successful failure’? A conversation with George Mitchell of Baruch College, City University of New York March 20, 2020 Episode artwork 006. Organizational learning as one way to get to a stronger outcome-orientation: interview with two powerhouses March 14, 2020 Episode artwork 005. Measuring social change: advice by Alnoor Ebrahim, nonprofit accountability expert March 14, 2020 Episode artwork