Now and Zen Japan

Parissa Haghirian: Japanese Management Expert

June 06, 2021 Andrew Hankinson Episode 38
Now and Zen Japan
Parissa Haghirian: Japanese Management Expert
Show Notes

Parissa Haghirian is an internationally renowned expert on Japanese Management and Leadership and a Professor of International Management at Sofia University.  She is the author of 12 books on Japanese Management, Cross-Cultural topics, and Consumer Dynamics.  We examine these as well as some cultural concepts from her latest book. We also discuss how Japanese management practice is uniquely different,  successful Japanese corporate survival strategies and what foreign firms can learn, why cross-cultural business issues are often Japan specific, and her favorite language concept "50 ways to say No in Japanese which don't actually include No". Other topics of interest:

  • In-depth explanation on the fundamental differences between Westerns and Japanese management environments
  • How "Constant Job Rotation" is a benefit for Japanese management
  • Why are cute mascots essential in corporate Japan
  • Insight on how Japanese companies are actually very open-minded
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the "process driven" nature of Japanese companies 
  • "Cross-cultural growth is based on mistakes, it's a tough and emotional learning process"
  • Consumer dynamics and the challenges facing foreign brands entering Japan
  • Explanations of Ganbaru, Gamman, and Enryo from her book "Japanese Business Concepts you should Know"  
  • "The most interesting question for Japanese is how foreigners manage, and the most interesting for foreigners is how Japanese manage" The advise which led to her dedication of researching Japanese management.
  • The question she wishes people had asked her, but has yet had the chance to answer - until now

Parissa Haghirian:
Japanese Business Concepts You Should Know:

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