Now and Zen Japan

Anthony Griffin: Global Communications Entrepreneur

September 25, 2021 Andrew Hankinson Episode 45
Now and Zen Japan
Anthony Griffin: Global Communications Entrepreneur
Show Notes

It's a real feel-good conversation with uber positive and incredibly humble entrepreneur Anthony Griffin.  He is the founder of Saga Consulting where he "helps organizations and individuals tell their story to the world".  It's global communications through excellent copy-writing, digital marketing, and cross-cultural coaching.   Anthony often writes insightful and though-provoking articles for Kokoro Media on LinkedIn. He is especially passionate about Japanese language learning and frequently offers tips on how to take ones Japanese to the next level.  We both offer our three suggestions for basic but "culturally impactful" Japanese words every beginner of Japanese language should master. Other topics we discuss:

  • New client acquisition techniques for entrepreneurs
  • How Saga Consulting helps Japanese organizations expand internationally
  • Biggest stumbling blocks for Japanese companies when trying to expand overseas
  • Balancing "trying to do it the Japanese way" vs. keeping his own personal style
  • Working with "Foreign Curious" companies is his sweet spot, explained
  • What working for a Japanese company taught him  
  • Early cultural missteps from Japanese corporate life
  • Best Japanese language Apps for quick learning
  • Simple language tips for building better relations in your community
  • Favorite untranslatable Japanese word
  • Swap culturally unique Japanese words beginners should master 

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