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Love in the Mirror Podcast with Shannon Bodie (Arnett) NBC-HWC

Shannon Bodie NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500

The Love in the Mirror podcast is for all those who work hard to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. If you need strategies for greater peace, self love and acceptance this is your show! Join me, Shannon Bodie, certified health and wellness coach and energy health practitioner in my conversations with trusted friends and colleagues about how we find love and peace reflected in ourselves and how we can take this into the world. Each episode explores tips, tools, stories and perspectives to find greater peace and success in relationship, working with others, relieving stress, finding love we seek, and generally relating to ourselves with more compassion so we can find the peace that’s already here. Our conversations come with humor, authenticity, and real life examples that are relatable and delightful. This is from the grounded understanding that there is NOTHING to fix, and we can have fun while we take care of ourselves and develop our skill sets at the same time.

Recent Episodes

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