Chefs Without Restaurants

Filipino Cooking and the Calasag Pop-up - with Dylan Ubaldo (Toyomansi)

February 04, 2020 Chris Spear Season 1 Episode 19
Chefs Without Restaurants
Filipino Cooking and the Calasag Pop-up - with Dylan Ubaldo (Toyomansi)
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Show Notes

On this episode we have Dylan Ubaldo, a chef, musician, audio engineer and event organizer based in Baltimore, MD. He started the Calasag pop-up to bring Filipino, and Filipino-American food to the area, especially in conjunction with events. In addition to cooking, Dylan creates music under the name Toyomansi, and created the intro and outro music for this podcast. We would also like to thank him for letting us record our Baltimore podcast sessions at The Grotto in Baltimore, the recording studio he manages.

In this episode:

·         Starting a pop-up, and some of the challenges

·         Cooking food inspired by his Filipino heritage

·         Streamlining your menus and recipes

·         Kitchen culture

·         The intersection of music and food

·         Lying about food allergies

·         and so much more


Recommended Books: Freedom is a Constant Struggle, The Flavor Bible and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Peeler





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