Oxfordshire Teacher Training

Episode 20 - SEND with Anita Devi

January 13, 2021 Oxfordshire Teacher Training
Oxfordshire Teacher Training
Episode 20 - SEND with Anita Devi
Show Notes

Happy New Year! We start 2021 with a fantastic episode with Oxfordshire Teacher Training’s Matthew Coatsworth and Anita Devi exploring Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Matthew and Anita talk about some of the themes covered in her Essential Guide for Early Career Teachers as well as the impact of the pandemic on wellbeing.

Do have a look at some of the resources Anita and #TeamADL have produced in relation to SENCo wellbeing:


 and also fantastic practical resources in relation to Covid 19:


Find out more about Anita’s work at www.teamadl.uk

Anita Devi ‘Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Special Educational Needs and Disability’(Critical Publishing 2020 ISBN 9781913063290)


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