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Episode 21 - Rosenshine and remote learning with Claire Grimes

January 27, 2021 Oxfordshire Teacher Training Season 2 Episode 21
Oxfordshire Teacher Training
Episode 21 - Rosenshine and remote learning with Claire Grimes
Show Notes

In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training Podcast, Matthew Coatsworth talks with Claire Grimes about Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction and her fantastic workbook based on the principles and the work of Tom Sherrington. Back at the start of March 2020's lockdown, Claire produced a workbook as a CPD resource for Thamesview School in Kent where she is currently Deputy Headteacher.  It became a viral sensation on twitter, being picked up by Tom Sherrington (see episodes 14 and 19), and ultimately turned into a highly successful book for John Catt's In Action series to sit alongside Tom Sherrington's Rosenshine's Principles in Action. Claire tells listeners about this journey, as well as how teachers in her school have used her workbook.

As well as investigating the workbook, Claire and Matthew discuss some of the current challenges and opportunities around remote learning, and in particular the importance of trainee and early career teachers not forgetting the essence of what makes great teaching.

This is a really uplifting episode, continuing on from last time's wonderful SEND discussion with Anita Devi.

Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction

Claire Grimes 'Rosenshine's Principles in Action - The Workbook' - available in bundles of 5 from John Catt or as a single workbook from Amazon

Tom Sherrington 'Rosenshine's Principles in Action' available from John Catt - also look at this link for Tom's video masterclass and other resources

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