Oxfordshire Teacher Training

Episode 26 - Workload with Julie Greer

May 05, 2021 Oxfordshire Teacher Training Season 2 Episode 26
Oxfordshire Teacher Training
Episode 26 - Workload with Julie Greer
Show Notes

In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training podcast, Matthew Coatsworth discusses workload with Julie Greer: headteacher and author of the Essential Guide for Early Career Teachers on 'Workload - Taking Ownership of your Teaching'. Julie and Matthew explore balance, autonomy, professionally acceptable workloads and the role of mentors and other teacher educators.

During the podcast, a number of resources are mentioned:
Talis research 2018 – Teachers and School Leaders as Lifelong Learners


 DfE School workload reduction toolkit


 DfE Addressing workload in initial teacher education


 Professionally acceptable workload: learning to act differently towards effective change (paper by Julie Greer and Caroline Daly)


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