HOW EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS DRIVE YOU - Dr Evian Gordon MD PhD, Christopher Darwin BSc Hons, Dr David Whitehouse MBA PhD

October 15, 2020 Dr Evian Gordon PhD MD
HOW EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS DRIVE YOU - Dr Evian Gordon MD PhD, Christopher Darwin BSc Hons, Dr David Whitehouse MBA PhD
Show Notes

Dr Evian Gordon MD, PhD - Founder and Chairman Brain Resource Company and TotalBrain (2000). Founder of the largest standardized International Brain Database. Scientific Chairman and Founding Director, The Brain Dynamics Centre, Westmead Hospital. Director of • Principal Investigator of the first study (iSPOT) to predict treatment response in Depression. Over 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications. H-Index of over 70. Recipient of the inaugural Royal Societies Eureka Prize for Interdisciplinary Scientific Research (2003). • Published the first book on Integrative Neuroscience, titled: “Integrative Neuroscience: Bringing together biological, psychological and clinical models of the human brain” (Harwood Academic Press: London, 2000). • Brain Database: Over 1 million Datasets from 6-100 years of age and in 10 Brain Disorders and over 40 leading US Corporates (including Boeing, AARP, Cerner). The diverse measures of the brain reflect: Cognition and Emotion; Screening for mental illness; Genetics, Brain Structure and brain function (EEG, ERP, fMRI). • Over 300 scientists and 300 publications are linked to the BRC International consortium and over 250 projects in the USA, Europe and Australia use the International Database via the independent U.S. Foundation 

Chris Darwin is a great great grandson of Charles Darwin. Early in life his grandmother gave him the advice of his life, ‘If you cannot be first, be different.’ 

He has a degree in Psychology and Physical Geography. His first career was in advertising. His second was as an adventurer. Two of his expeditions were world firsts. 

He is on a life quest to bring about global peak meat. He has created The Darwin Challenge, which is an app that shows people the 10 benefits of moderating their meat consumption. He lives in the Blue Mountains of Australia with the love of his life, Jacqui, and their three kids. He cannot believe his luck.

Dr David Whitehouse. MD,PhD is a Cambridge University undergraduate, a Harvard trained psychiatrist with over 20 years experience, with leading managed behavior change companies in the US. He also has an MBA from the University of Connecticut and a doctorate in Theology . He has worked with start ups and some of the world's largest organizations with one goal always in mind to make brain insights and care for emotional pain and mental distress more accessible, easier to understand  and more impactful.

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