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Dr Evian Gordon Founder, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Total Brain (Go To TOTALBrain).

He also founded the largest standardized International Brain Database (over 1 million datasets) to discover what insights and behavioral habits are most effective in Mental Health, Wellness and Peak Performance. Over 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications. H-Index of over 70.

References available at: Dr Evian

Recipient of the inaugural Royal Societies Eureka Prize for Interdisciplinary Scientific Research.

Published the first book on Integrative Neuroscience, titled: “Integrative Neuroscience: Bringing together biological, psychological and clinical models of the human brain” (Harwood Academic Press: London, 2000). Publication and other details at Dr Evian

He also hosts the Total Brain Podcast series Total Brain Podcast (on all major podcast platforms) with Key Opinion Leaders around the world, who have spent their lives applying the latest insights about Neuroscience to help You to Befriend Your Brain.

His other passion is art and he has had two exhibitions in New York:

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