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Yellowjackets 2x04 Recap | "Old Wounds"

April 28, 2023 Just About Write Season 1 Episode 140
And a Rewatch Podcast
Yellowjackets 2x04 Recap | "Old Wounds"
Show Notes

Chels (@Chels725),  Sharai (@MissSharai), and Jesse (@speakupjesse)  are joined this week by Emmy nominee Alrinthea Carter (@Alrinthea) to recap the mystery on this season's Yellowjackets.

In the past, our teens are unhappy with Natalie's hunting abilities and currently favor Lottie's mystical cultish ways, pitting the two girls against each other in a hunting contest. Meanwhile, Van enables Other Tai and the two find a mysterious person in the woods.

In the present day, Tai is hitchhiking and ends up meeting an old friend from the past. After forgiving her for the stabbing, cult member Lisa bonds with Natalie and takes her to visit her mother, while Misty works on tracking them down. Plus, Shauna finally confesses the truth to her daughter about Adam's death.

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Special thanks to Matt for editing this episode. 

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