And a Rewatch Podcast

Yellowjackets 2x06 Recap | "Qui"

May 21, 2023 Season 1 Episode 146
And a Rewatch Podcast
Yellowjackets 2x06 Recap | "Qui"
Show Notes

It's family only as Chels (@Chels725), Sharai (@MissSharai), and Jesse (@speakupjesse) recap the mystery on this season of Yellowjackets.

It's the episode we've all been waiting for as Teen Shauna goes into labor. Akilah is forced to step up when Misty freezes, and Tai and Natalie support their friend. Lottie gets into her wilderness bag with Travis to "help" with the birth and things get very Rosemary's Baby.

Meanwhile, Adult Shauna and her daughter Callie are interrogated by the police, while Jeff receives an urgent call from Tai and Van about Lottie's whereabouts. Natalie is on the edge, forcing her new bestie Lisa to make her responsible, and our avengers finally assemble.

Plus, we get flashbacks to a useless Coach Ben teaching health class and Adult Misty is the queen bee of the commune.

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