Life and Mission

Ethan Bryan - Baseball and Storytelling

February 13, 2018 Kay Helm Episode 13
Life and Mission
Ethan Bryan - Baseball and Storytelling
Show Notes

Ethan Bryan is an author, musician, storyteller, and passionate fan of the Kansas City Royals. His stories are a celebration of life and the game of baseball. I talked to Ethan about his books, stories of the game, and how storytelling touches our souls. He's also got some advice for aspiring writers.

Baseball Stories

[00:01:07] America at the Seams - Ethan collected baseball stories from all 50 states for this coffee table book.
[00:05:04] "I'm convinced everyone has a baseball story even if they're not a fan of the game."

[00:06:00] Baseball brings people together.
[00:07:32] The story of SungWoo Lee, a long-distance KC Royals fan from South Korea. A beautiful stadium, Twitter connections, the keys to city, an opening pitch - and the Royals win the World Series. You've got to hear this!
[00:11:37] Ethan's books
[00:14:27] The best book store in the country

How to Tell Stories

[00:17:44] How to tell stories

"When you're able to phrase it in the form of a story, you have someone else come out and say, 'I know exactly what you mean.' It opens up windows into their story as well."
[00:21:24] Storytelling for nonprofits. This is something I (Kay) love to do, so there's a story here from the organization I work with. I shared it as an example of how storytelling gets us past the statistics and the list of accomplishments, and connects us to each other on a deeper human level.
[00:26:42] Telling another person's story responsibly. Ethan shares his process.
[00:28:44] "When someone reads something that I've written about them I want them to be really proud of it."

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