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Christie Jones Bird - Founder - Jones and Rose -Laser Focused

March 31, 2020 Christie Jones Bird Season 1 Episode 26
Grown Woman Life
Christie Jones Bird - Founder - Jones and Rose -Laser Focused
Show Notes

The Grown Woman Life podcast, hosted by Rocki Howard is working to impact the perception of what it means to be a professional woman over 40. We interview Grown Woman Power Players, bold, brilliant, accomplished, professional women over 40 who share their stories with courage, vulnerability, and authenticity. This episode features: 

Christie Jones Bird is the founder of Jones & Rose. Jones & Rose™, is a  boutique line of clean and natural body care products designed to keep skin moisturized, nourished, and pampered and smelling exquisite.

Christie spent time in corporate America working for a global product consumer corporation in research and development. With a passion for beauty, a commitment to creating natural products, her experience showed her there was a gap in the market, Christie filled that gap with Jones and Rose. 

In this episode, Christie shares about her family, career and her experiences. A peek into some of the things you will hear include: 

"Don't be afraid to follow your passions and dreams."

"Shatter those stereotypes."

"Different levels have different priorities."

"Embrace aging."

"I am most grateful for my tribe."

Contact Christie:

Facebook: Christie Jones

Instagram: Jones and Rose

Company Facebook Page: Jones and Rose

Company Website: Jones and Rose

Store Location: 10281 Mid Town Pkwy UNIT 123, Jacksonville, FL 32246

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