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Girls Like US

What happens when someone sexually assaults you? Who do you tell? Who is going to believe you? Who can understand you? We live in a world where we know it happens but we never think that is going to happen to us nor to someone we know. TV represents these victims as running through the park, or in college, what about us? The "others" Who is our voice? What happens when it's someone we know? #girlslikeusCharlotte and Venus will narrate an event that has changed their lives forever but has also made them stronger. Through this, they hope to not only bring awareness but also let you know that you are not alone. That you should speak up because this is your truth! Even though they went through this together their experiences are completely different. If you or someone you know have or believe that they have been the victim of sexual assault, do not be afraid to speak out, we must all stand together not against each other. National Sexual Assault Hotline; 1-800-656-HOPE https://www.rainn.org/ (you can also chat with them) We can be reached at; IG:_girls.like.us Facebook: facebook.com/girlslikeus619/ girlslikeus619@gmail.com