Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results

My Neighbour Hates My Dog

July 12, 2021 absoluteDogs Episode 81
Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results
My Neighbour Hates My Dog
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Does your neighbour not like your dog or certain behaviours that your dog struggles with? This is the episode for you!  

In this week’s episode, we discuss: My neighbour hates my dog!

It’s not uncommon for neighbours to express frustration when they can hear barking, whining, howling, and more! You are not alone, and we have solutions for you. There are things you can do, and there are people out there that share the same struggle. 

In this episode we share our top tips on how you can help to create a more pleasant experience for yourself and for your neighbour. 

If your dog’s behaviour isn’t as you want it to be, a great strategy would be to limit the amount of time they can spend rehearsing naughty behaviour. 

Giving yourself a realistic timeline to work on growing great decision-making skills on your dog’s part is key. It won’t happen next week, and yet you can see progress and you can have a plan in place for when you can’t make sure your dog is employing themselves properly. 

We explore how to balance responsibility depending on your dog’s skill set and so much more. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to share a review. We love hearing from our listeners. 

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Tom & Lauren

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