Heat Acclimation Strategies with Julien Périard PhD | Koopcast Episode 124

April 14, 2022 Jason Koop/Julien Périard Season 2 Episode 124
Heat Acclimation Strategies with Julien Périard PhD | Koopcast Episode 124
Show Notes

Julien Périard is a Research Professor at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (UCRISE), where he leads the Environmental Physiology Research Group. Julien’s research examines the physiological mechanisms that impact health and performance in adverse environments (heat and altitude), along with strategies to mitigate their influence and harness their adaptive potential. He has worked with both amateur and professional athletes from various disciplines, along with National and International Federations (FIFA, UCI, World Athletics, and World Triathlon). He has authored over 85 research publications in international journals, including an invited review in Physiological Reviews on exercise under heat stress. Julien has also edited a textbook on Heat Stress in Sport and Exercise. He currently serves as Associate Editor for Frontiers in Physiology and has served as Guest Editor for the British Journal of Sports Medicine and Scandinavian Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

Exercise under heat stress: thermoregulation, hydration, performance implications, and mitigation strategies

 Julien’s book- Heat Stress in Sport and Exercise

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