Unschooled Homebirth

46. Rethinking Contraction Patterns in Labor: Why Variability May Be Wise & Intelligent

January 22, 2021 Tristin / Becky Purpur Episode 46
Unschooled Homebirth
46. Rethinking Contraction Patterns in Labor: Why Variability May Be Wise & Intelligent
Show Notes

Welcome to the journey to birth podcast. I have an incredible episode for you today, with my dear friend and birth professional, Becky Purpur. Becky has been surrounded by natural, normal, undisturbed birth for 30 years growing up with a mom who was a homebirth midwife. Today Becky is still very active in the realms of birth as a birth photographer, a doula, and a very wise holsitic birth constultant.

I brought Becky on today to share a really interesting perspective she shared with me about how placentas tell the stories of the pattern of labor and when I first heard her talk about this, it was one of those moments when you realize you've been thinking about it all wrong, at least that's what occurred to me. So in this episode, Becky and I have a conversation about what this means that placentas tell us the story, how the uterus and the baby are communicating between this wise organ through the thread of the umbilical cord, and how this really is one complete system that is wise and intelligent, and how knowing this means we really have a responsibility to change our approach to being at a birth, how we have to carefully consider that anything we do or bring into a birth can change the outcome of that experience and even the outcome of the birth itself. And this is true whether we are invited in as a doula, as a photographer, even as a midwife.

And if you're listening as someone who is preparing to give birth, this is a very relevant conversation to be holding with your caregivers should you have them in attendance. And if you open this discussion and they're still unclear, you are welcome and invited to send them here to the podcast to listen to this information and then together have a discussion about the physiology, about the innate wisdom of your uterus, your baby's placenta, and your baby themselves. And discuss how to facilitate this kind of environment for your birth. 


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