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Penny Lewis

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and this podcast is all about understanding sleep. We know a lot about what the brain does in sleep, but we are just starting to understand why it does some of these things, and even more excitingly, how we can take full advantage of sleep and also manipulate it for our own ends. In each episode, neuroscientist Penny Lewis interviews a different sleep researcher, talking about a various aspect of sleep science. Topics will include sleep physiology and medicine, circadian rhythm, how sleep impacts on our memories and creativity, Sleep Engineering for enhanced health and cognition, and the most recent technologies to promote sleep.©SleepSciencePodcast 2021. These materials may be downloaded for personal use only. They may not be shared, distributed or reproduced in any form or for any reason without express permission
S2E9 - End of season Q&A SessionMarch 09, 2022 Episode artwork S2E8 - Chiara Cirelli - Synaptic Homeostasis in SleepJanuary 13, 2022 Episode artwork S2E7 - Reto Huber - Local Sleep, Sleep Homeostasis, & Brain PlasticitySeptember 25, 2021 Episode artwork S2E5 - Manuel Schabus & Kerstin Hoedlmoser - How babies sleep and what this means for their cognitive function September 13, 2021 Episode artwork S2E6 Wenbiao Gan - The role of sleep in synapse formation and elimination September 01, 2021 Episode artwork S2E4 Colin Espie – What is insomnia and how can we treat it?July 16, 2021 Episode artwork S2E3 - Tore Nielsen & Mark Blagrove - Lucid Dreaming & the 'Dream-lag' effect July 07, 2021 Episode artwork S2E1:Tristan Bekinschtein - The Consciousness Boundary May 27, 2021 Episode artwork S2E2: Tore Nielsen & Mark Blagrove - Part 1 - What we dream and why we need toMay 24, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 10: Christmas Q&A sessionDecember 22, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 9: Michelle Carr and Karen Konkoly - What is lucid dreaming and how can it help us?December 13, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 8: Daniel Bendor: Memory Replay and Consolidation in Rodents November 24, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 7: Björn Rasch -Targeted Memory Reactivation November 08, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 6: Dan Margoliash & Tim Brawn: How sleep helps birds to learn their songsOctober 16, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 5: Anat Arzi & Thomas Andrillon - Learning in your sleepSeptember 21, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 4: Vlad Vyazovskiy - Local sleep, circadian rhythms and torporSeptember 17, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 3: Gina Poe - How sleep restructures our memories and emotionsSeptember 15, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 2: Sasha Handley - A history of sleep in Early Modern EnglandAugust 25, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 1: Bob Stickgold - What do sleep and dreams do for our minds and our memories?August 24, 2020 Episode artwork