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How this Logo Geek found his business freedom with Ian Paget

March 30, 2020 Sasha Korobov Episode 15
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How this Logo Geek found his business freedom with Ian Paget
Show Notes

Today, I am speaking with graphic designer and entrepreneur, Ian Paget, founder of Logo Geek.  Personally, I am so excited about this episode because he’s sharing a very special milestone with us: we recorded this episode on Ian’s first day as a full-time entrepreneur.  

Today, Ian and I talk about:

  • The yo-yo feeling he has about leaving his 9-5
  • Both the logical and personal reasons for taking the leap into going full-time in his business
  • Why trying to rack up social media followers isn’t a marketing strategy
  • What he’s looking forward to now that he’s his own boss
  • The affiliate marketing strategies that allowed him to quit his job
  • What’s next for Ian? An amazing look into how he envisions his empire

More about Ian:

Ian Paget, best know as Logo Geek, is a UK-based graphic designer located in Manchester, UK who specialises in logo and brand identity design. Through logo Geek Ian works with inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, helping to take their brand identity to the next level. Ian also hosts a popular podcast, also called Logo a Geek where he interviews well known logo designers and marketeers, and manages a community of the same name providing support and mentorship to over 8000 designers around the world.

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @logogeek

The Logo Geek podcast for designers and entrepreneurs

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