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How to ditch playing small and seize your business glory with Ash Ambirge

August 17, 2020 Ash Ambirge Episode 35
EntrepreNot Yet
How to ditch playing small and seize your business glory with Ash Ambirge
Show Notes

Everyone, crack open a beverage and trust me when I tell you that you’re in for a delicious, edge-of-your-seat, ultra-special episode today. The EntrepreNot Yet show is delighted to welcome a legend, an OG to online business, an absolute authority on building your service-based business, and, not to mention, the author of the important and timely book, The Middle Finger Project – all about trashing your Imposter Syndrome and seizing your rightful throne in business and in life.

Today, I am proud to welcome the one and only Ash Ambirge to the show. 

For a lot of reasons it’s amazing that Ash is on the show, but especially because she is someone who has seen the trends, evolutions, and failures of the online service-based industry, and she is spilling the beans on how you can pull up your own chair to the business table and demand your spot. No second-guessing, no putting your energy in places that won’t move the needle in your business, and lots of betting on yourself. 

Of course, we talk about all the normal things my guests and I usually discuss – bucket hats, applying balm to unsavory areas, and fake mustaches.  Because of course we do. 

Specifically, and on top of that, Ash, her Downton Abbey bucket hat, and I talk about:

  • The public service that is her book, The Middle Finger Project®, released earlier this year
  • How the little throwaway “micro-digs” we tell ourselves are hurting us – and our businesses – way more than we think
  • Why waiting for permission is holding us back from wild success – are you guilty of this?
  • The role and responsibility you *actually* have in your business, and it’s definitely not what you think
  • The one mistake too many people make in talking about their business (and how it’s hurting your bank account)
  • How to draw people into your funnel the RIGHT way – not the noisy, confusing way
  • Why the demand for honesty in our industry (and America) is giving Ash hope
  • The only thing you need to worry about when starting out in business

And if you know Ash even a little bit, it goes without saying that, yes, this episode does have salty language and adult themes – which is of course one of the reasons it’s so fun. 

Ash's bio

Ash Ambirge is the author of THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT (Penguin Random House 2020) and the CEO of the irreverent female-focused sales training co. by the same name that helps women make damn good money online through a variety of signature programs, workshops, courses, talks and books. Her work has been praised by authors such as Seth Godin and Sarah Knight (author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck”), and was recently selected to be featured on The Today Show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, CBS Radio, Start-Up Nation, Linked In, Gaping Void, Parade Magazine, Mixergy, and hundreds of podcasts.

Ash splits her time between her historic apartment in Old City, Philly and her little cottage in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica with her darling partner, C, whom she drags to Europe every summer to more closely investigate the matter of whiskey, wine, and people with Scottish accents. Her feet are definitely bigger than yours, and she hates fish.