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How to de-clutter and nail your web presence with Pauline Wiles

August 26, 2020 Sasha Korobov Episode 36
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How to de-clutter and nail your web presence with Pauline Wiles
Show Notes

On the show today, I’m delighted to welcome Pauline Wiles – the “Marie Kondo of website design” – who works with entrepreneurs and authors to get crisp, clean web presences, even if they’re scared of marketing.  I loved this episode because I see clients of mine get really bogged down with things like their websites and social media, and not focusing enough on what really matters when getting yourself out there.  As a web expert for entrepreneurs, Pauline breaks down what you need – and what you can leave behind – when you’re putting your web face out there.

Specifically, Pauline and I talk about:

  • Her own journey to realizing her entrepreneurial opportunity was low-hanging fruit all along
  • The common struggles that Pauline’s clients have when they come to her (hint: without this, you have no business)
  • What’s actually happening when you’re afraid of others judging you and your business
  • The truth about what you actually need when doing your website (no, you don’t need to start a blog)
  • An unforgettable lesson about SEO – with a hilarious example involving Welsh sheep fertility
  • Why you should never confuse your clients’ preference with your own – common mistake

More about Pauline

Pauline Wiles is a website designer who helps solo entrepreneurs create an online home that they love. She coaches her clients towards websites which are low on clutter and high on impact... and she loves to dispel the myths around how difficult a web project should be. British by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she admits to an occasional yearning for afternoon tea and historic houses.

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