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Ditching the misconceptions and nonsense in business - an interview with Jen Grosso

March 29, 2021 Sasha Korobov Episode 56
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Ditching the misconceptions and nonsense in business - an interview with Jen Grosso
Show Notes

My friend, Jen Grosso, is a certified business growth strategist and mindset coach who has a wonderful Facebook group called Mind, Body and Business breakthroughs for entrepreneurs and executives – and she asked me to be a guest expert for her interview series on entrepreneurship.  And she is so awesome that I didn’t have to think twice about it. 

So this week, the interviewer is becoming the interviewee as Jen and I talk about…

  • How to get started in podcast guesting even if you have no idea what you’re doing
  • How to embrace testing to get to a better service or product
  • What you need to pitch to podcasts – and what you can ditch
  • The things I look for when vetting guests for my own show
  • Why you can blow past lead magnets and other ‘pre-requisites’ if you choose to be a podcast guest
  • The myth that your business needs to be more complicated in order to work
  • Surviving the 9-5 and side hustle limbo

This was such a refreshing conversation and I hope you feel the warmth of it as you listen.  We touched on a lot of triumphs, frustrations and common misconceptions in business that I think you’ll really enjoy. 

Jen’s bio

Jen Grosso, Founder The Boldfire Institute, is a certified Business Growth Strategist & Mindset Coach and sought-after speaker helping entrepreneurs and business leaders build unshakeable confidence and achieve unstoppable success without sacrificing their wellbeing in the process.  Her signature programs, Unstoppable™️ and Chaos to Confidence™, focus on mind, body and business tools and strategies to scale your business in a healthy way that maximizes income and impact while prioritizing radical self-care. Those who work with Jen experience business breakthroughs with profitable business-building tactics combined with deep mindset shifts to achieve authentic success. 

You can find out more about Jen on Instagram at jengrosso.co and on her website  boldfireinstitute.com 

Additional links to connect with Jen and check out her current offerings: