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Asshole Parents

Christian Family, Esq.

Believe it or not children are a reflection of their parents. The host, Christian Family, is a recovering divorce lawyer turned advocate for removing the stigma from divorce. Her parents, who have been divorced from one another for over 35 years, both live her and are the impetus for this podcast. Their raw conversation in the first episodes opened the door for honest uncensored discussion about, divorce, parenting, addiction, infidelity, and more. The conversational style allows for light to deep conversations about the causes and effects of having unconscious parents. The podcast is designed to create introspection and inspire people to be their best selves. If the message resonates with you please rate and review. And if you have a story to share contact the host to be a guest. To learn more about Christian listen to her TEDx Columbus: Real Talk About Divorce Subscribe to her Youtube channel: ChristianFamilyEsqFollow her on social media @Divorcexn on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, @xnfmlyesq on Instagram.