addLove Podcast

#27 Wejdan Shamala

July 07, 2022 Aamon
addLove Podcast
#27 Wejdan Shamala
Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast, my guest is Wejdan. Wejdan is a humanitarian and a poet who has some unique insight into identity and belonging. Poetry helps her find the beauty in the mundane while her studies in international relations allows her to have a unique insight to the particulars in the universals. On this episode we talk about the honeymoon phase of things in life focusing on living in different cities, which is super relevant having just moved cities myself.

Wejdan and I explore, as third culture people, the struggles of being children of migrants and where our identity lies somewhere between not western enough and not ethnic enough. We also go into how to create these small communities around us as Wejdan and I have done so many times before. We discuss how you can learn so much about yourself by serving others and we go through some of the do's and don't when creating small social circles. It's an interesting perspective I know we share with almost everyone.

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