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HeartTalk Episode #01 - Mohammed Isaaq feat. Malik Osman

March 18, 2020 Aamon
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HeartTalk Episode #01 - Mohammed Isaaq feat. Malik Osman
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On the very first episode of heartTalk we have Mohammed Isaaq who is a facilitator of the knowing yourself workshop.

On this episode, we speak about how to know yourself, the importance of being present in the moment, the difference between universals and particulars and we run through a very practical exercise in mindfulness.

You can find more about the "Knowing Yourself" workshops at or you can find him on Instagram at

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welcome. Ladies and gentlemen to this episode off the ad love podcast. My guest today is Mohammed. This hark is a gentleman who I've seen and witness from a distance. But for the very first time, I got to sit down and have a conversation with him and my good friend Malik Cosman, who you would have known from the last episode on this episode. We talk about experiences we discussed living in the moment we talk about the difference between universals and particulars. If I had to summarize this episode, I really think it's about presence. It's about being present. We do a few here practical exercises that I thought were really interesting. And all in all, it was one of the most thought provoking episodes that I've done. As always. If you feel like someone would benefit from this episode, please send it to them. Advise them to listen to it. We want to bring about the most benefit possible to as many people without further ado. Please help me in making my guest feel welcome. Mohammed is Huck.

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Just don't be serious. Just at stop wants a serious just a teeny just at Jackie inbreeding.

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So it's a question. Magic.

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So you're here. You're running this temperament workshop. What's something that you want to take back with you? You're filtering wastes and watch red.

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Yes, that filtering. None are serious. The person that came to me was, uh isn't that Katie was so that the way I see temperaments is temperaments come alive with experience. No serious temperaments comes alive experience on Dhe until coming, coming at Australia, I experienced the temperaments. I experienced them in different places in our experience with different people. So it's just a learning experience,

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Right? So that's what That's something that you wanted to like. More experience? Yeah, something you mentioned that really, Um I guess, uh, clicked with me. Was that when you have young people coming and they're wanting to learn the temperaments and you like your responses, like, go live, like live some life so that you have source material in order to figure out like where you're coming from or what? Your temperament years or

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absolutely. I mean, the world is the tool for letting It's the tool for learning. Lining is done via experiences via the world. Yeah, like for example, if I was to say to you. I don't know any random concept. The concept off imagination, for example, right, imagination Onda conversation that flows from this term. I've just given off imagination. Yep, it will be. It will be dependent upon how much imagination or your experience of imagination does that make sense. Your experience of imagination. So how much ever off it you've done? Yeah. The whatever you've done off, that is how much it will contribute to you understanding what I'm saying. If you've never imagined what does this conversation about imagination on, you know, like and so on come from that Another quick example is something like, Oh, no, mercy Give. You have never experienced mercy. The martyrs, I don't know, something like the merciful one. I mean to you, Right on dates with all these concepts. In fact, most learning. That's why you know, I think it was the little brown who said that, you know, a teacher, a really teacher. He doesn't actually impart anything. You give you anything new? What he offers you is the truths that are already within yourself that you've already experienced. Right? So when I even know what I just said experience. You're your experience off experience determines how mature understanding of what I'm saying e this whole concept off the world being the tool for learning. Like if you've ever sat at the beach and pondered all you've looked at the stars and considered your existence in relation to these stars, then when when I say the world is the tool for learning, that will mean something to you. But if you if you have never done that, we don't do that in our society because watch out, look at the stars. I could just Google. It is the world we live

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in a nap,

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right? There's another that I'll just look at. I mean, this is amazing, like people would stand outside and they'll be the stars above them. And they'd be looking at the stars Violet via the phone, because I have a year which shows consolation there on the misunderstanding. I mean, how many people who, for example, like the child is something amazing? And they look at the child, do that amazing thing through the screen as they record it. So you still haven't actually watched it, and you've only taken in a two d experience off that three dimensional experience you would have had otherwise if you used your two eyes. But instead you used your one eye. Ah, and one eye gives you only two dimensions. Right? And three and three and two eyes gives you the third diversion off depth. Yeah, and that's why we're living in a society where because we're all one eyed now we're all deathless on the superficial. Yeah. I mean, it's incredible that moments are experienced and they looked at through the lens so many times. And I try to do this like, I try to do this actively where I I guess something happened. And I want to record it, actually. Still, like I keep my phone there for recording because I say, don't record your phones today. It's up to you, but still look at it with your

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own. Yeah, I've done that before. Yeah, you're looking at what you're recording. Well, still, recording captures on

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the phone. Nice. If it doesn't, you know, captured in your mind, liver experience it You know that these moments, honestly, like there are some moments in my life that was so powerful that all right now, as I speak with, even without closing my eyes. I can see certain faces, all right? And it's like and you obviously you can see my face just changed at that point. Yeah, on then, there's probably others who are, You know, the other experiences that will probably make me cry right now on Dhe. You know, this is this is the power of the human being. And if we'd, you know, and if it's not even like tapping into this power, we were made with this power. That's your existence, man. You see people, sometimes you know that one of our teachers, some people ask him, Ask him like, Oh, you know, I'd like a spiritual experience And he said, You are a spirit like this is it? This is a spiritual experience as realistic as we record this podcaster, You look into my eyes. Right now, you are having a special experience. But if you're not in tune with your spirit, then you will only process this as a physical or sensory, uh, exercise experience.

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They also call it absence or what we were talking about about being locked in the trial of the time in the moment. Yeah. So when someone essentially recording and experience when someone's recording an experience, Really? They're recording a four for that very moment

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for a little It at a later

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time, Right? Said they're leaving for the future, like or for others. Thio sharing that experience and they haven't really captured the moisture out of that experience. Yeah, right. Um, even like in the most sacred of sites in Mecca and Medina, abusive people flipping out their phones and recording that experience with, you know, it's one of the things you said he was. It is a three dimensional kind experience, but also, like, you know, the smell of the place. Um, you know, there's other things that the temperature of the place that's a hollow, you could be just walking and you might smell something, and then he just takes it to that moment, right? If you really were living in that moment and they just takes it back to that experience and you can recall right now, in order for a story calling experience, we leave through our phones and our gallery. It just walk away and then, you know, we're able to recall and it doesn't even feel familiar when you look at those photos like

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you're experiencing it from an external perspective looking at the screen or you're looking at this thing that happened even though you might be there or

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when they was. Actually, they just you don't remember. It doesn't feel familiar because you were just looking at your screen right? Trust me.

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So then can someone who is looking to become deeper in their character and their personality would the advice be to experience more

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experience? Not necessarily Maur, because Maur is like a dream. This is the math teacher coming. Anna Maur can be that more is mostly considered as like quantitative, quantitative, quantitative, right, quantitative. And it's like Ex axes is like It's like it's a number of things. Yeah, whereas it's not about the number of things, it's about how, like it's not about how I get. I guess it's Maur is not about how many but like how much is that one thing being experienced? So what? So this is what I'm trying to invite people to, and he just he brought in 1/4 dimension. That's why when you go to those 40 cinemas, they've sticking the smooth right because we were speaking about the to rise. That gives you 33 dimensions. But when you have the have touch and you have smile, which adds another fourth dimension on day, and I'm not saying that we're just having a Ford. I mentioned experience because it's more than that. There's a lot of dimensions if you really look into it. What I'm saying is that that to tune yourself to the other dimensions off yourself on DDE, then we're talking about really experience, John. I mean, it's like in this one moment here when I consider physically just in the physical plane that I'm from the UK You're here. We've never even met before, and here we are having a discussion, and you invited me on because you considered that I have something worthy. So there's a rational, you know, mental process that happened there. Then there's obviously a physical like I've traveled like so many miles to come here, right? But then there's also like the question is, I mean, I think I know the answer to this is Do you like me as a person? That's what you invited me. So then there's this other dimension of emotion. You have someone that you like is on your podcast right now. All right? These are like, this is part of the experience. Now, if you bring in spirits into this Oh, you know, on DDE, what does that mean? Like in terms of sincerity. So one of the ways you can actually write, cause if I was speaking from a sincere place and if you were listening from a sincere place, this would be on almost unforgettable experience right now. But if I wasn't speaking from a sincere place, you may have not only would it be probably and probably would forget it because it wouldn't be as powerful, but also, you probably see right through it.

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Yeah, and you kind of distracted by the fact you can tell it's not very sincere.

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And that is like, if if if I've just invited us in this moment to those four experiences just to this podcast what other senses could be looking Could we even look into our I don't know, temperaments as a dimension of experience. Our energies Ah, on dhe is there's so much I mean, just to close your eyes for a moment. And just like he mentioned the 4th 1 about like the fourth dimension off smiling something just have taken the scent at this moment, you know, But to live, I mean, you know, day caught, say, Zia. He say's, I think, therefore I am. So his existence is eyes based on was predicated upon the fact that he has a mental process that he's able to do, and therefore he say's Now I have existence because I can think in the modern world, people almost come alive in a different. It's a different. There's a different statement. It's probably I drink. Therefore I am. So my existence kicks in once I've had a few drinks or once I was, I was our police Azad place on. I was just doing some reflection and it was in and around some some, um, some, uh, roses and center on DA. It was a practice that they had, which was fasting from speaking. So I tried it, and I thought, You know, I'm always open to experiences a cz, long as they don't go against my principles and so on. So I went out, experienced it one of the things in my silence, I realized as I was focusing on my breathing it was that I breathe. Therefore I am My existence is not predicated upon my ability to think. Nor is it my drinking. It's the very fact that I I'm breathing right now is my alive nous on dhe. How how passively do we breathe and therefore how passively. Then I'll be unaware of our existence because I've never even realized I'm breathing. So therefore I don't really, you know, come to the come to realise my existence, but I fight for a moment. I mean, just consider right now. Look, you've been sitting here. How many times have you been breathing? And did you even at one point? But watch this right? And I just want to three individuals here just just breathe in and choose to breathe this time. Choose. I mean I mean choose to be I don't mean just take a deep breath and every breath. I mean, you choose how much you're going to take it and those who are listening try this as well. Choose how much will take in push, Mom, push it a little bit more, and that you just literally just choose how much breathing in and how much of reading at Choose the pace. How fast? How slow. Just go for another 321 go.

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I fell in love it

spk_1:   15:16
just the fact that you had a what made you say what you just said, right? What made you have, you know, side smile as you just did. I made you place your hand upon your chin. Like what is that on DATs? The idea there that, you know, we are given a big gift in this very moment. She's not breathing. And if we can tune into that and then tune in like now, imagine if you were to close our eyes and just taking this scent So you can remember this moment Violet scent. And we may not be able to collect his money. Things that maybe, you know, make use of that use of your living by actually putting on a particular scent right now. You could capture this moment. See, I have a few. Sometimes, you know, one of the ways you can capture your trips. Here's a tip for you at the okay. What's this year? One of the ways you can capture your travel is take one cent with you and use that sent doing doing that whole trip. Trust me. You have a smile, that scent again. The whole trip come back, comes back to you

spk_0:   16:12
because it's connected. I never thought about

spk_1:   16:17
on. It's not like what that was whipped up in elaborate in some type of I don't know, like some Zen center. That was It was already, you know, because the reason why he smiled is because that happens to him all the time. You pick up a center? Yeah, I have one cent connection from our trip in Turkey in 2016. A friend of mine, His name is Mustafa Carbon. Andi gave me Bought me a cent at that point is 2016. It's been four years and I still have and it's like this hardly any inning. But I've kept it there. And whenever I just have a little sniff, I remember that wonderful trip I had with him on my other Turkish, uh, Habib. His name is, and it's like I brought back to that

spk_0:   17:01
moment. Look, I'm laughing because when I was in the UK, I got given a bottle, a small bottle of battered like the oil perfume, and I have about half of it left and I barely use it. And when I do smell, it does. It reminds me of that time that I was there and I've haven't It was very unique. I don't smell anything like that. And I haven't smoked anything since. And sometimes I'm moving like the bottles around or whatever the case is, and some of it gets on my hand and I'll smell it. And it'll just like activate, which is very

spk_1:   17:33
interesting. And imagine this. Imagine this and there's a few people out there, especially if you've ever been to a place called Teddy that there's a There's a man there who has a particular scent on his hand on DDE. Sometimes in just smiling that scent you're you're taken back to that very more. It's just like it's Hey, you know what I mean. Andi imagined the journey it took for you to get to that place. Then a ll the secrets off that journey. What do what do we say? It's not about the destination, It's about the journey. Yeah, and that journey on all that Jenny represents is captured in one cent. Almost. And if I ever and sometimes I'm because that same particular said back in the UK may be due to its I don't know the environment. It doesn't smell as good for me to fly. I love it. I could literally sit there and just give it a cent. But if the other smiling and you know like food is a particular type that that you don't like it, you've gave you one of them. And you I remember that one right, and it's okay, but But, like when I smell it, I don't smile the particulars like it's not just about the scent. It's about what the center represents on This said the connection was represent a Juni. It could represent four years of

spk_2:   18:57
trouble, you know? I mean, like, what was that? One of three things most beloved to the social life? Few. Mm, right. But also, as you were talking on human talking about experiences, just something that showed I came when I mentioned recently at a program was essentially a bad experiences and the need to bring back the principle of amazement and what he meant by that and was at that moment when you're going out to these places, right? And you've gone out on this journey, right? And you're experiencing your things and you're really present. And you're in constant amazement, like there's being privatized in travels Way, way just like hell is going on right now. Everything sometimes feels like it's a lining, and at times you know, things feel like everything's going wrong as well. Yeah, but you're still in complete amazement of everything is coming together, right? And so what he meant by bringing back the principle of amazement Waas At that very moment, when you're in complete amazement, the ego is not there, right, because what's the ego, the egos, something that thinks it's, you know, really high of itself. But you're in complete amazement. So you like. There's only one possibility, possibility, a lot her all right, that is plainly flaying times when you if you just look at you, know the mountains or if you go out to the ocean, Um, and nature's call an incredible place to be in a complaint. Amazement. Um, it's it's something that you know so home,

spk_0:   20:56
You know, there's there's that. It's the idea of, you know, uh, the word awesome. So awesome used to have a deeper meaning than what it has now. Now it's like, Oh, you know, that meal was awesome. Everything is awesome. Everything is also everything is amazing. But I think going back to the route off that word, it used to mean like or inspiring. And what, like the look, what is all it's like when you've free from everything except that current moment and like taking that in, like, on a deeper level? I think the common theme here with what we're talking about is a lack of presence. That's the thing that cut keeps coming into just looking at, well,

spk_1:   21:44
what it had. Fear and wonder in

spk_0:   21:47
the fear and wonder

spk_1:   21:49
at the definition of things. Fear. And this one will continue. Just start. I was quitting. Yeah, like Vienna, when something's truly awesome there. There's not just this wonder, but there's almost this fear. If it's truly

spk_0:   22:03
awesome, I feel like we're missing that we're not because off, you know, all the issues that we have that we can talk about for a very long time, which we weren't. But it's that, like the common theme, experience and all is the presence, because if we're not being, if we're not able to become president. Um, we're unable to absorb you become a rock instead of a sponge. You are unable to absorb that experience or that all One thing you mentioned before, which really, like, activated some memories. Waas, um when you learn free diving, the first thing they teach you is about your breathing because you're gonna be in a situation under the water in which you can't breathe. So what they do is the first thing they do is they teach you these breathing techniques. And the whole idea is to prepare you for a time in which you you're not going to be able to breathe. If even if you wanted to, um And I remember the first day of this free diving course like if I had to summarize it in one word, it would be meditation. It was literally an exercise in meditation in orderto slow your heart rate, but then becomes so attentive, attentive, attentive, off the breath that you're taking in and relaxing yourself and being present with the breath that you're taking in because that is what they call the breath of life. Because that's what you're now under the water. You're at 1 to 10 meters, whatever the case is, um, So I came away from that first day in that free diving course, which is, you know, they teach you how to breathe them. And I was just thinking it was pretty much a meditation session. They teaching you how to meditate, and that becomes a way for you to become a more effective free diver. I feel like this concept of meditation which were taught pretty much, you know, being, you know, like, you know, what is the what does the ultimate idea off solar look like Ray look like for us? It's in a place that where, where, where President, we're here in this moment, we may be hoping for the future or, you know, wanting to achieve something. But it's like that current. It's about encompassing that current moment and saying What? This is about being present. Um, and I feel like that is definitely, um, that's what we can build on. There are a lot of ways, I guess, one of the ways. Something one of the things I enjoy doing. Have you heard of the flood tank or censor a sensory deprivation

spk_1:   24:50
ahead of you? Tried it. I haven't tried it.

spk_0:   24:52
Okay, so I pretty much, um it sounds a lot scarier than it is. And it's ah, tank off water or a room with, uh, that's a little bit deep. It's got some depth to it, and they put water in and they put a higher high amount of Epsom salt. And what the salt does it makes you float. So even if you're trying to sink, you can't. Yeah. And then they hate the water to the same temperature as your body, so that after the first few minutes you start toe, not feel whether where your body ends and the water begins. So then you get this feeling off floating. Okay, Um, and then you'll shut off from other senses, which is They tried to make the room dark or pitch black, and they cut off outside noise. So what they're trying to replicate pretty much in the sensory deprivation tank is an experience that you probably weren't experience physically in your lifetime because even if you're asleep, you may not be in taking sound or visuals, but you're still experiencing gravity, right? So they're putting you in this space or in this moment in this, uh, situation that you don't generally experience And because our minds are so loud, it can be scary to a lot of people. The first time I went it was it was exactly that was a very loud, like, my mind was very loud. And it's and then you start to get better at doing it. You start to get get better at becoming prison, and you start to get better at, um, quieting Quite quite. Inning your mind. And then what happens once you get to that point where you're able to kind of like, okay, your brains like, Okay, we've been here before. We know how this goes, you know, And you kind of get that first few thoughts of 1st 5 10 minutes is usually just a clearing off the off the inbox. You know, um and then you get to this point where I can then walk, and then that's when you start to see. You know, everyone has a different experience in that moment. I see. I see vivid colors sometimes and year like it's an experience that's very stranger in a pitch black room. You're flirting, you know, and you start to see, like, really vivid colors. Um, but one thing everyone says is like, you get this feeling of relaxation that you don't normally experience, But I feel like it's definitely like a modern day thing that we can use to kind of bring us into that moment and centered. Um, you know, some people might call it a D D or some people might call it, um, like of a stimulation. But it's just there's so much happening now current time that people are unable to just be, um and I guess through the temperament as well, like something that you, um like you went through was understanding like al Net al nature and understanding how that just be can be affected by things that we were born with him. So you teach in the UK and your teacher by, um, by trade, you know, So this, um OK, one question I have is Do you have differences from young people and older people doing like learning about the temperament in their nature?

spk_1:   28:25
Yeah, there's always a difference. I mean, younger people are quite, um, a bit more receptive to it because they haven't come to know themselves and so they want to know themselves. Um, and this is like there's like a This is like a range like an age range, A feel like it's It's like you're qualified now because you've had life experience to like growing up. For example, I hadn't I wouldn't have no my my temperament if I hadn't had the chance to discover it naturally. So growing up, I promise just did whatever. Like, I'd like to think that I did whatever my elders had directed towards on. But then there came a point through volunteering. I used to do when I was young on dhe, some initiatives that I was fortunate to be apart, that allowed me to discover another dimension to myself that I couldn't. I couldn't discover whilst I was at home. Yep, all right. So by having those experiences eventually, when I came across this, in fact, I did so many different experiences that by the time I did temperaments, eventually I find myself in all of them, as many people on and eventually you know, you kind of realize which one which one your nature is, and that's where your temperament, but people who are younger than that haven't had experiences. That's why I say to them, Don't worry about like, really did a workshop in Manchester a couple weeks ago in the UK and there was a young lad who came and he said, Um, it's like 20 I think 21 he said that, You know, I said, I really want to work out my temperament and I said, Go out and experience. Just experience it Using this frame worthy much everyone you feel most comfortable in this probably your temperament. You know, this is a tip that I give, but people who are older of that, they don't like to be defined. Most human beings like be defined. For example, if I was speaking to you and I would say that's such a X thing to do and you do another thing, I say that such an ex thing to do here again for 56 times. By the seven time you say, Listen, I'm more than just X, so most human beings don't like to be labeled. Most human beings don't like to be categorized or defined, because definition is like some occasions like more than that, they may fail to understand what temperaments actually is. Somebody calls you a particular temperament or would say is that they shouldn't Anyway, that's why I always they don't don't do that. But if anyone does do that, it may just be. And the radius temperament should be understood is just displaying of energies because it's all about behavior, certainly from the dimension that was speaking, uh, subconscious behavior. Most of it, um, on dso and so s So if somebody does say that to somebody, if some if a person tells person be of that, you know you're displaying this particular temperament, That's just a knowledge that you could take for yourself. But that's not really like defining you, so So people shouldn't be worried about that like too much. The most important thing is you work out your own temperament. But as the older people get, the more they would like to think that they are balanced. I mean, to be honest, before doing the temperament workshop, you'll probably think how you always me, in terms of your kindness, would be optimal balance, kindness. That's what you decided to do that with me. I mean, if you didn't but everything that to be a balanced form, you wouldn't have done it. So most people actually think that consciously that the balanced on

spk_0:   31:49
because that's the idea off. They think they're doing the almost balanced

spk_1:   31:54
like this. If you have, like 22 sides to a story, they are like nobody did. Generally people, whatever they're doing, they actually believe they're doing the right thing. And that's why I

spk_0:   32:07
was saying that yesterday I said, no one wakes up in the morning because, you know, I'm gonna screw six people over today like no one's actually, actively. You know, Mr

spk_1:   32:15
Leslie, Exactly. Unless they've been told that you're screwing six people over will actually give me its benefit,

spk_0:   32:21
which is still tryingto do what's right by them exactly, right.

spk_1:   32:26
You know, so that a scary framework to be going off, if that's what people have,

spk_0:   32:30
But generally, people generally

spk_1:   32:32
people will be they'll always look at exactly. They're trying to do something good s So most people generally temperaments. They would say that I think I'm balanced, and then you highlight a few things as we do in the workshop because we kind of put people on the spot. Yeah, it pushes people somewhat. Um But that's the point where they would kind of realize, OK, maybe I do need to develop on dumb on Dhe if, and that's what we're. The difference between reading the book on doing the workshop is because if you if you read the book, no one's challenged you. The book doesn't challenge them. Imagesmore information that you saw look at but the person can challenge you in a workshop is you're interacting in there. It's very like Boom, I could get through the first day. I see why you've been here right, which just shakes up seven people. And even if the answer why they think that's my answer, then you ask them on, Why are you after that? And it's like, Oh, my God, yeah, so and so sometimes certain adults would if they don't do the whole workshop, that probably would think I'm balanced. But as the world goes on, if they put on the spot a little bit, they realize, ah, that they probably on Andi. It's not to say that they probably are more violence than the young people, for sure. Death certainly have more of a balance because I've had more life experience. Yeah, experience is a type of a nursing, especially if you're an intelligent person and you've actually taken on board of people have said to you, But, um but But sometimes it can happen where, you know. So we've had people of various different ages who turned around and Andrea lies. So yes, so this. But I think I think like between 22 to like 35 4 year it really house people about 45 from from 20 from 22 to about 45. They benefit the most. 45 Plus are like, how was this young are gonna tell me about how to live my life on dhe. I don't really again. It's their misunderstood because I'm not actually telling you how to really life. I'm just presenting the signs to you. And if you reflect, you find the answers. If you don't reflect, you won't find the answers on dumb. That's why I called it knowing yourself. I'm not called, you know, knowing knowing other people, knowing you and your friends knowing Yeah, you know, because if you know yourself, you, most of us, universally we are the same particulars. There's a difference. But university, we're almost identical twins. Yeah, this is very interesting, because if I can then understand myself from a universal perspective that I can connect you connect to you and understand you from a universal perspective and thus understand you better. But if I am a particular based person, right and I understand myself from my particulars, then I would be very difficult for me to relate to you. And I'll give you a quick example of that. For example, Imagine I like playing on a PlayStation on Dhe. You like to go to the movies? There were two different people. According to our particulars. I am a gamer and you're a movie. Go. So when I say to you, Hey, would you like to complain movie with me? You'd say, No, I If I say, Would you like to play a game with me? You would say No. I'd prefer to go to the movies on anti Oh, I'd prefer to play on. Then we'll have a conversation saying You don't give me enough time. Whatever. I know that starts. You don't understand me. Yeah, I love this for you. And you don't even play PlayStation. But if we understood that University. I'm just seeking entertainment just like you are

spk_0:   36:03
right there. I when

spk_1:   36:04
I invited So I just turned on and say, Hey, would you like to be entertained from this perspective? Because I normally can't save Let me try seekers But now we're speaking the same language. It's called the Human Beer Universal. What? There's a guy who does this really good. There's a guy who speaks in Universal's and it is a brilliant job. He has been changing lives full 50 No, 6900 no, 200 or 300 years now or 1000 years. Probably. They call him Mullah Narumi at Roomie. He's just been changing lives. And how does he? Because he speaks in Universal's Andi. It's not just roomy. There are many others on dhe, some but another is. There's a few who are better than roomie. I would invite those who are listening to inquire and such. Look for these men who understood themselves university. And there are those who understood themselves university, and there are those who understood themselves from a higher, universal model that was sent from above. Andi, once you start to look at those because like we were having this conversation at the youth project a couple of days ago, the conversation was about, um, understanding. The question was, Is it a burden to accept who you really are? All right, on this whole conversation came about a monk. I gave a really good answer, he said. It's not like he said, the more South knowledge we have, the less of a burden it becomes to accept who we are because we know ourselves. We know our capacity. And so when burdens come upon us, we can actually understand what we can actually take, can't take. And therefore it's not a burden evening, which is a pretty decent answer, right? Did you follow that? So if I come to know myself and then you give me a task which I believe is beyond me, and I could just say happily, I accept who I am and I probably come,

spk_0:   38:05
yeah, because you start to know the limitations.

spk_1:   38:08
Limitations on this is what we would call a South centric understanding of the South through self awareness. Now, the question I posed to that these youngsters, I said, Now the question I said that's a really good way of looking at things, right? I know myself. And so when they did say, Say, I want you to become a doctor, you see that I can't do it. What I can do is become, you know, um, some online champion on devour something. Right? But I can't become a doctor. That's Ah, that's you having self knowledge, right? But what about do you think your parents don't have a self knowledge? Do you think your parents don't know about that? The knowledge of your potential, right? Like they will be speaking from a knowledge of your potential. Sometimes they may speak to you from their own self knowledge and project that onto you. And so because they could become that they want you to become that right. That can happen. Yeah. Many of us have experienced that. Um, So the question isn't I'm not saying that the parents are right. Norma saying you're right. What I'm saying is, is that you might doubt yourself on your parents of an insight that you don't have one. That's why many people at the age of 40 say they knew what they were talking about. Maybe Maybe that's the case. Well, what about somebody or some being who knows you more than your parents know you and more than you know yourself on when he gives you something in life, Then do you think he knows what your actual potential is more than you? Almost So you turn around and t this is too much on, he say's he doesn't put on you more than you, which is interesting, because if you look at that, whatever you just said there for those who are listening may know that it's from the Koran sentence that you just said. But if you look at that last bit, it doesn't just see, um, handle it, doesn't it? Doesn't the actual our vic doesn't see handle? Ah, worth checking out? What does he actually say? What does it say?

spk_0:   40:19
You can't Sun Lo's, huh?

spk_1:   40:21
What was that last word?

spk_0:   40:23
What was it like with what's in a prosaic It's your

spk_1:   40:28
with. It's what your space is, what it is like your space. So he is under and the others. Just even when you hear that, it's like saying, you know, it's like it's almost he's correcting you the whole sentences, like a response. You can almost see that as a complete comfort, like a complete statement, like without somebody inviting that. But you can certainly understand it with someone say, Oh, it's not within my worst, Not much within my potential capacity. And he

spk_0:   41:01
will know because God will not give me Oh, that's interesting because he

spk_1:   41:08
probably knows you're complaining about your capacity Bigger. Probably misunderstood your capacity.

spk_0:   41:12
Yeah, that could be like a direct response. So I can't,

spk_1:   41:16
right? Exactly. And how many of us say I can't on DDE and imagine the strength that you get from when the one who probably knows you and created you honestly, I myself when I'm gonna be personal But I said I wasn't going to Personally, I sometimes think it's too much as well. Sometimes I think there's certain things they're setting challenges in my life, which I think, how in the world are my samples to get back past this I give up and I give up. I give in on DDE on. That's the answer to what I said right, which is you know, I know you more than you, even when I think how am I supposed to survive? You see now speaking university because I'm not speaking about a particular but all of us. You, me and whoever is listening. All of us are listening to this thinking. Yeah, like we've all been there where I look at the situation with my empirical observation off my situation. And I say there is no way out of this. I cannot do this like it's impossible. It's because of the Illuminati, man. Like,

spk_2:   42:34
you know, we have all these wonderful reasons

spk_1:   42:36
as to why we cannot survive. But what's the whole point of, like a hole up on DSO That is one of the most strengthening. You know, it's almost like saying that he believes in you. Uh, and I thought this was all about us believing in him. You catch that

spk_0:   42:57
like, you have the knowledge that we don't.

spk_1:   42:59
All right? And so what? So what you believed them becomes I believe in him believing in me,

spk_0:   43:03
right? Yeah.

spk_1:   43:05
And so that you start to rise and achieve your higher potential, you know? And it's a slow process. So don't hold anyone to account, have Macy on people. But we're all trying

spk_0:   43:17
disconnecting toe. What you said just activated a thought in my mind. I may have tequila. Yeah, Giardello Homos. Raja, Where's look, woman Hato, lie after Sid. I don't know this love this acid, that's you can't calculate this so you can think of, like all of the places where this divine guidance can come from. Unless saying that you from Les actor simples I think about like you can sit down and list everything you can imagine.

spk_1:   43:51
You said list. I would say Use analytics. Use an app. Use your biggest Mac pro whatever. You got all your analysis that every situation e this won't happen. I won't get a mother. I won't get in on opening or an exiting from the situation and he sees through the first part you wash me, do this. Ah, on dumb. You know, it's easy to say this, of course it's hard to live it, but that's very that's what I was saying. This trying and trying and trying on Duh. You know, I am far from where I want to be, far from it, but but there's no denying that, like all that we ever have them. And if I've ever seen people who are who are who I have looked at in life and said, Man, you made it the difference between them and it's not that they've actually made it, but they have made it far beyond where I am on the difference between them and those who didn't make it you are not making is because they'd stop trying. And what's that is that when you slip up, you just try again? Mmm, they are. They are things mine, like Forget me like there's people who are like amazing people out there on dhe. They just keep going. They just keep trying. You just keep you just keep trying. I mean, why else do we have one? Yeah, What else do we go? All right. I bet you like how many human beings would turn around and say, I've I've done something and on my vassal forgiveness or have turned back, you know, the Taba you told about to turn and I've turned back on I have still found myself facing another day, and I turned back and I still on. It's almost like 1000 times. It's like 1000 times, bro like, that's enough empirical evidence for you to think you're probably not making it, but according to this model. Keep going. It's just It's like

spk_0:   46:00
like, Well, you're still here.

spk_1:   46:04
It's It's like, How do you make sense of that?

spk_0:   46:08
I think with some people that have a desire to keep going, but no red map with no direction, I think, really, um,

spk_1:   46:15
vaginally mis read that that rolled up. Imagine it was shown to you incorrectly or it was shown to you from a particular perspective. And that perspective may have bean down to that person's timber run on. So it worked for the other guys of that temperament. But because you're are you often opposite temperament? You thought, But this like that do we isn't working for me. You probably got a particular version off the Universal model. Read, Read, study, read, read, study, internalized, reflect read, read more reading or listening more eating, more listening, Andi, you'll find that you start to then understand the universal model, a little bit more university. And if you still unsure, just go find that universal man. Yeah, refute his life story.

spk_0:   47:14
Well, it's how I thank you very much. I know you gotta go. Um, I didn't say much because I was busy just having mind explosions. But Can you let people know where to find you? Online? Instagram, your own website, that kind of stuff if they wanted no more.

spk_1:   47:32
Yeah, so don't find me. Well, I would say so. I don't want you to find me, but if you want to find any of the projects that we do on the Facebook page, it's called knowing yourself with that particular project s Oh, that's on Facebook on Instagram. The current name is under my name because it was originally here. Now we have a team on the air. It's Isaac dot Mohammed. Um, I estimate it cued up Mohammed on instrument. That might be changed the future probably gonna change it. Or we might have a new page or something like that.

spk_0:   48:04
Either way, I'll put it up, put the link in the

spk_1:   48:06
description on then. We have, like workshops pretty much worldwide. We have obviously currently in Australia doing these Dunham in, like, 10 countries or 11. I think, um, I will be in. We have a love of Jordan. Canada. You know, the estates are still waiting for for a tool s o. So just stay tuned. Follow that Instagram page Facebook, Page E mail. For anyone who's interested in finding out more about programs, there's a website. But if you just send us an email in Ford up, I estimate a cute It's like at gmail dot com on dhe. That's an insight. And then this on. And then there's the website from their mama. Come forward slash k y o, which is knowing yourself online on dhe, there's a mailing list because ascribed to And so when we launch part to part three, I've avoided launchpad to know it's been a very yeah. Did I tell you what you did? You stay at the end of the of the session. You left right for about 22 idea. Did you stay till the end? Did you hear that that guy give the reflection right at the end. Now you must know this is like polls close, right? So he was sick and there was this one shop and I just thought I'd share. This is it's quite powerful. He said he goes. It is very quiet as you opened up and he said, I wish I knew this knowledge before because I wouldn't be getting divorced right now. So he said, If I'd need for new this before. I wouldn't be getting divorced right now. That's just, you know, it's, um how do you explain that? So there's nothing to explain. The explanation is,

spk_0:   49:52
Yeah, the signs don't speak for herself, you know, um, look, I advise anyone who is interested even remotely in something like this. You know, this is not something new. It's been around for a very long time. And I, like you, said, the science speaks for itself.

spk_1:   50:11
It's also a universal model. That's the beer speaking. Yeah, it's It's a universal model, really connected with you. You know, I never understood that. Have a connected before. So anyway, there's other models out there. So the one I I really enjoy, um, also, if you see the signs like this, if you couple it with the ethics off a particular religion more certainly the one that I use is is the the code off what was sent down on embodied by the Russell, the profits allies, and I'm So he is such a measurement or standard off measuring good character that not just the owner only gives, you know only, like if you couple this science with that now you have such a road road map there. That's what we did it. Yeah, Yeah, you shall. Road maps And what virtues one needs to build on dhe. Then I've broken it from physical sports and so on. So there's so much at the and again. It's not like I mean, I was compiled. This stuff it's already been at Yeah, it's two and 1/2 1000 years is being around. Um, but anyway, that's not thankful. Wait.

spk_0:   51:20
No, thank you so much. Appreciate you. Hopefully we get to see you again next time. Years here in Australia? Absolutely. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for listening to this episode off the ad Love podcast. As always, if you enjoy that, please, Rada. The more people that raider specifically on the apple podcasts up, the more people get to see it. And the more people that will be exposed to the thoughts and ideas of these amazing people that I am very blessed to have on, if you specifically know, anyone that feels like that you feel like may benefit from this episode. You can share the episode with them, share the link with them. There is a link on my instagram That kind of links to all the other podcasts on all the platforms to make it easier for whatever podcasting platform people used to listen to the episode. And there is also a lot of content about the podcast on my instagram Aim and Sayid Double A M A N s A y E d. If there's anything specifically you wanna discuss or talk about, continue talking about about the episode Head over there and there's plenty of opportunity to have discussion about it. Thank you again. I look forward to seeing you on the next episode. Off Love. What costs?