addLove Podcast

#25 Safa Alchami

December 26, 2021 Aamon
addLove Podcast
#25 Safa Alchami
Show Notes

On the last episode of the year, we have the amazing Safa Alchami. 

Safa tells us the origin story of how she built a mindset to leave her regular 9-5 and begin an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

It begins when she was just a young girl, spending her before and after school hours watching her mum slaving away in the restaurant industry, through to how she used to study to get qualifications in the downtime at work and is now a mentor to others who want to seek greater freedom both financially and within their life as a whole.

Safa talks beautifully about how the only true way to succeed is to fail and where she believes happiness lives.

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