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Liberal lies, liars and true believers.


Political Commentary.
Joe Biden's Transition from Back-Slapping-Old-Time Politician to one of the Elites.August 01, 2022 Episode artwork War in Ukraine is proof that NATO is finished.May 09, 2022 Episode artwork Vladimir Putin is a very dumb leader!April 25, 2022 Episode artwork Will democrats remove Joe Biden from office before the mid-term elections?April 12, 2022 Episode artwork While people are dying in the Ukraine, John Kerry worries it will affect the climate.March 26, 2022 Episode artwork Lead from behind can only lead us to surrender or nuclear war!March 14, 2022 Episode artwork When "Weakman" meets "Madman" death and destruction ultimately follow.February 28, 2022 Episode artwork Elitist politicians are running away from Covid-19 mandates.February 17, 2022 Episode artwork Tom Brady, now that you're retiring, can you take Joe Biden with you?February 03, 2022 Episode artwork War with Russia? Not going to happen.January 24, 2022 Episode artwork Woke democrats are going down with the ship!January 11, 2022 Episode artwork A new test for schools is a trojan horse for Critical Race Theory.December 27, 2021 Episode artwork Why are democrats and the media trying to destroy the best legal system in the world?November 27, 2021 Episode artwork Inflation is wonderful! You should be happy!November 19, 2021 Episode artwork Democrats are terrified and they should be.November 11, 2021 Episode artwork Fox News Turns 25 and people on the left are so unhappy.October 13, 2021 Episode artwork Why do people on the left insist we are still living in the 1950's?October 04, 2021 Episode artwork Not even Tom Brady can save the Biden team.September 22, 2021 Episode artwork Scaring people isn't leadership. September 15, 2021 Episode artwork Can a million lies save the Biden administration?September 07, 2021 Episode artwork Joe Biden's Compassion-Act.September 01, 2021 Episode artwork President Biden is doing what he does best. Fail.August 24, 2021 Episode artwork A new poll says democrats like socialism. Why am I not surprised?August 17, 2021 Episode artwork War or peace for America. Your choice.August 10, 2021 Episode artwork Is America on the road to "Idiocracy"?August 03, 2021 Episode artwork