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The Wedding Wombat

Margie McCumstie

The Wedding Wombat is an Australian based wedding podcast to give you ideas, things to consider and interesting perspectives on all things weddings! Here on the Wedding Wombat, we will sniff out the wedding options, dig out the latest trends, claw at and question traditions to see if they are relevant and burrow down to discover amazing ideas to help you plan your wedding. It really can be fun, real and a true celebration of you and the love you share.The Wedding Wombat is presented by Newcastle/ Hunter based celebrant Margie McCumstie from Metamorphis Ceremonies. Margie is an award winning Celebrant, MC and Speaker and loves her role, being passionate about celebrating love in meaningful, memorable and magical ways!Contact Margie directly on phone- 0424041212, email- or via Messenger through her facebook page Metamorphis Ceremonies can also be found on Instagram at amazing podcast artwork- our gorgeous wombat friend was created by talented artist Jessica Tuner from Elderberry Finch. Visit her etsy store at So, welcome to the Wedding Wombat- it’s time for us to chat!