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Multifamily Streamlined with Leslie Mathis

Leslie Mathis

Thank you for joining Multifamily Streamlined where we will discuss multifamily trends, operations, renovations, leasing, and basically all things multifamily. I am Leslie Mathis, founder of Streamline Multifamily Group. I have created a podcast as resource to all my apartment friends and family. 19 years ago this month I fell into the industry as a housekeeper while looking for an apartment in Mooresville, NC. I’ve worked my way up from a very entry level position and now am a consultant and an asset manager. I share this because I’ve walked a mile in most of your shoes and hope you can learn from my missteps, bloopers, wins, and accomplishments. For 2020, my goal is to release 2 podcast per month sharing all things just mentioned, along with a great interview line-up where you can hear from peers, mentors, leaders, and vendors in the industry.

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