Conversations from the Heart

#2 - Healing Rifts: Building Bridges Through Communication

August 09, 2023 Yvette Erasmus
Conversations from the Heart
#2 - Healing Rifts: Building Bridges Through Communication
Show Notes

Are your family ties feeling like chokeholds? Is it difficult to draw a clear line in the sand with relatives without sparking a feud? This episode is your lifeline.

Join us as we venture into the labyrinth of family dynamics, charting a path towards healthier boundaries and building stronger connections. We emphasize that it's never too late to seek professional help and to redefine ourselves beyond our behavioral patterns. Whether you're grappling with the aftermath of a heated dispute or simply seeking to improve your communication skills, this episode will equip you with the insights and strategies to foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Trigger Warning: In this episode, a returning caller discusses an argument that escalated into domestic violence within a relationship. While the focus is on applying principles of nonviolent communication, connection, and compassion, sensitive topics are addressed; the episode delves into nuanced discussions about the acceptability of violence, trauma, and healing, including future explorations of different forms of force. Listener discretion is advised as descriptions of domestic violence are included, alongside conversations about setting boundaries within family and workplace contexts.  Click here for the transcript.

Show notes:
[3:02] How do you create and navigate boundaries with family 
[11:03] Setting boundaries
[14:25] On seeking reassurance 
[23:48] Healing and repair in relationships
[32:46] Healing discharge and breaking cycles
[47:15] What is violence?
[49:18] On effectively saying “no” 
[59:07] Conclusion

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