Conversations from the Heart

#33 - How to Manage a "Bait and Switch"... and more.

March 18, 2024 Yvette Erasmus
Conversations from the Heart
#33 - How to Manage a "Bait and Switch"... and more.
Show Notes

Have you ever felt like you're walking on eggshells during family gatherings or struggling with setting boundaries in relationships? Today's episode explores the nuances involved when we want get our needs met in a way that works for both people.  

You'll get practical strategies for protecting your personal space during stressful times and scripts to help you navigate the choppy waters of family dynamics. Let's replace judgment with non-judgmental approaches and pave the way for deeper connections and more joyful shared experiences. 

We also explore how criticism and judgments impact our relationships with counterproductive outcomes. The conversation highlights the benefits of approaching interactions with ease, collaboration, and co-creation. 

What you'll discover in this call:

(1:12) How do I manage a bait and switch when making plans with family?
(21:09) How could I have a more positive transaction with a painting professional who is gaslighting me?
(34:45) How do I respond empathically when I am called combative for disagreeing with a person of authority?
(48:50) What do we do when we make requests and the others say "no"?

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