How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie

4 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker - EP #105 - Lauren Kress

July 09, 2020 Den Lennie Season 2 Episode 105
How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie
4 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker - EP #105 - Lauren Kress
Show Notes

Today, Den interviews Lauren Kress. Lauren has a Bachelor of Science, with honors in neuroscience, physiology, and psychology, a Masters in Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design is an expert in neuroscience, creative thinking, interactive media, and advertising for a global market place, and... a great sense of humour.

In this episode, Lauren reveals eye-opening insights into why people do what they do, and how this knowledge can help you win in business, and win big!


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • How having just a basic understanding of neuroscience can help fill your business's coffers. - 2:10

  • Why bored people are better problem solvers than people who are always highly engaged in activities. This counterintuitive truth is backed by science and is explained by Lauren at 5:30

  • Why CEOs and business managers should consult their team of creatives when they have business challenges that need solving. - 7:00

  • 4 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker, and one very good reason to stop doing it right quick! - 9:05

  • Brain Fatigue - is it a real thing or just another made-up condition from pseudoscience? Hear Lauren's answer at 10:25

  • A surprisingly effective (and counterintuitive) way to boost your creativity without having to (1) do any goofy activities (2) take any cognitive enhancement drugs, or (3) take magic mushrooms.- 12:10

  • How to use an ordinary pen and paper to put yourself in a much better mood. (Doing this is guaranteed to releases a rush of dopamine even if at first you were down in the dumps. Bonus benefit: you'll become infinitely more productive, too! - 13:45)

  • The "Stop and Go" productivity method for getting more done in one day than most people get done in one whole week. - 15:20

  • Do you ever feel like you're not good enough? Well, you can try and suppress it, ignore it, and fight it, or... you can do what's mentioned at 16:10 and start prospering wildly.

  • Dirty “tricks” our brains play on us that cause even the smartest people to behave like buffoons and make moronic decisions.
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